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Beetle Masters...

Take the Beetle Masters myth2 plugin and drop it into the "plugins" folder in your myth2 folder. Then all you have to do is lunch myth2 and you are ready to play.

Hey what the hell does this plugin have in it???

And you thought Dodge was different:

Beetle Masters is a new twist on the old and boring units and maps. Simpley put its AWSOME ARACHNID ANARCHEY. With PopRocks MatchHeads and bugs galor its a wacky insect war. This map was made from blood, sweat, and the jaw bone of an ass. The new units were made from scratch along with the 2 brand spanking new projectiles. The PopRocks which are an explosive rendition of the classic candy snack, and MatchHeads simply put are a flamable projectile that sets the plains ablaze.
Beetle Masters was thouth up when the Wild West plugin came out and I started to wonder what was lerking in the horse carcases and roting cow pies. The inspiration was the silverfish runing around my 1 bedroom apartment. The suicidal Beetles came about when a match toting peice of vermon started my underware drawer on fire. PopRocks came into play wben I blew my front tooth out with a mouthfull of that tasty candy. After years and years of testing and observation I figured the PopRocks would be perfect for knocking the soxx of those little critters.
The map is your basic awsome desert map with one exception the BUGS RULE HERE!!!!! How they got there, why they fight, are questions that came be answerd with one remark. WHO CARES?!!! The map offers a new prespective on the old flat crapmap and allows new uses of tree and landscape cover.
The next version should enclude IceCream and KitchenFloor maps. New units will come along including Flys, FireAnts, RollyPollies, and LadyBugs sporting an arsenal of PooGenades, Pennies, and BreadCrumbs.

Desert Fun...
In this map there are 6 starting places. You start off with 5 beetles, and boom you are ready to kick some beetle ass.
Desert Fun...Singles
Free For All...Yes the classic ffa one beetle and all the PopRocks and MatchHeads as you can hold in your little beetle shell.

Only one here the beetle, PopRock MatchHead throwing little bastard.

Yes these little candies are the only candie that will shoot your tooth out of you mouth and make a beetle into a little splert on the ground.
Well straight forward here it just starts shit on fire. BBQ, BeetleBBQ.

New flags and a new ball. The flags are the little tooth pick things that come in a club snadwitch. Oh hey the ball, is a skittle, yes a skittle.

Beetle Masters Credits:

Mesh Creation;
the Raven

Unit Creation;
the Raven

Ummm hell the Raven did every thing that Bungie Software did not have in myth already, including;
Beetle Units
Color Map
Pregame Pict
Club Flags
Overhead Map

Thanks to Bungie Software for making a cool game that I am able to make a cool plugin for. The creators of Fear and Lothing(the best map editing apps ever made.) The makers of the mill for letting me post my kick ass plugin on their webpage. All the admins on B.net that keep every think in order so I don't have to put up with BS from evil people. Apple computers for making a supercomputer and an OS that pulls out the stops. Kensington for making a mouse that I can use for 18 hours straigh and not have me hand fall off. My brother for some kick ass ideas on how to make my maps. Perpetual for suport when I was about to smash my computer with a PC.

Updates/Learn More a bout BAMM and the Raven...


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