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Well, here it is... Battle of the Bulge

Hope you like it, its been a complete pain in the arse to build 8) but at least its built. Bigger and better than the original, and with extra units. Not just a plain 'n' simple tank battle, it also has a great tactical edge to it, and no expense spared on explosives 8)

The level option changes the size of the battle, but there is no UT... not gonna let ya turn my tank battle into a soldier skirmish... hehe

The Units
You'll need to give it a try on each level to understand the number of units, but basically the timid level has the Axis force set at 2 tanks and 5 soldiers, and increases each level by 2 tanks and 5 soldiers. The Allied force is set at 1 tank, 1 cannon, 7 soldiers and 1 attack/scout dog, and the allies increase by 1 tank, 1 cannon, 6 soldiers and 2 dogs per level. So the unit structure is diverse, but equal.

Warning: Wounded attack/scout dogs go berserk!

The Map
The map itself again is very diverse, with a wooded base for the Axis forces, and a camp for the Allies; a river running through the centre of the map, which is crossable in 2 places for tanks, and 3 for soldiers; A village which houses many supplies, and is originally guarded by a small Allied force; and mountains which can be crossed by tanks, but only very slowly.

Game Types
The game types are restricted to ctf, terris and bc, but thats because it would be unfair to play other types. Ammo is scarce, and that which is available is sometimes booby trapped by other players 8)

To Play
Simply drop the plugin 'BULGE3' into yur plugins folder, and select WWII plugin in options.

All in all, I hope everyone who plays this, enjoys it... and I'll see ya soon on B.Net 8)

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