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Battle of St. Vith 1.1
Map by Fjolnir with assistance by AvenueM
Date of completion: 3/4/00

We wanted to make a map that had more buildings than other urban maps, so we made this simple design without water and not too many trees. Of course, you can tell the texures were taken from "the library", but we really liked that grass and hope it makes for a lighter atmosphere. Some of the models in loathing seem to have bugs where the sides are sometimes rough or places where you can see through them for example the tavern and few others. We tried to cover them up whenever possible. We also wanted to strike a balance between the gameplay with titans goodies and without. Each map has an option to play without them. Any game set to heroic or above adds titans stuff except for D-A.

e-mail: brwest16@yahoo.com

Tags are Craig Goodman, 1999
Map is Bungie, 1998 created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing

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