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Star Wars: Episode 1 Battle Droid unit plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter v1.0.1

Created 5-30-99, By Joel Day with the use of Bungie's Fear & Loathing tools and Vodi's Amber 2. Star Wars and related intellectual property belongs to LucasFilm Ltd., used without permission. This is a third party creation. All questions and comments should not be directed to LucasFilm Ltd. and related parties. I do not seek to profit financially from this software and likely never will.

This plugin file changes all Berserk units (other than ghost) to Battle Droids like those featured in the latest installment of the Star Wars saga, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

If you wish for units other than the Berserks to become droids: extract the plugin's tag files with a third party application and change the unit you wish to be a droid's "unit" tag to use the "droid" monster tag, and the "droid" collection reference, however there will no consistancy with the original plugin, and you will not be able to join games using the plug-in. As always, never play on Bungie.net with anything other than formation tags in your local folder.

1. Copy the file included in the archive to Myth II's plugins folder. ":Myth II Soulblighter :plugins:"
2. Start a multi-player game that includes any form of Berserk.

To play in single player mode:
1. Start multi-player game and set "Use Single Player Maps" to true. Then, select the desired map and start the game with yourself or others joined.

You can also extract the tag files from the plugin using a third party application and use them in your local folder for single player use. Again, never play on Bungie.net with anything other than formation tags in your local folder.

Contact information:
Joel Day -- jday@hotmail.com

Thank you for downloading my plugin.
Special Thanks to: Arik Devens, John Graham, Cameron Laborde, John Hanna, Derek Boiko and mill.bungie.org.

Version Changes:

Fixed torso dissapearing act
Stopped blaster beam from bouncing off edges of map
Improved hue changes
Created specialized Win32 Zip based package

Initial release

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