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(21/08/01) - Battle At Willow Creek V.1.0

Well, this isn't really THAT important to read... but maybe it is. I guess
it could be if it is required in any myth plug/map. ;o)

This is a fun version of the willow creek mesh. Atleast I think it is
fun. :o)

==To Use==
Place into plugin folders and either start a solo game from "Start New Game"
in the main menu or play with a couple of friends over multiplay. Oh,
and by the way... I don't even know if this works on MacOS. This is
just a fun beta build. So don't really expect any updates unless I feel
it's worth it. =)


Battle At Willow Creek was made by me years ago. Or sometime late last year.
I originally had intentions on releasing this for a certain map I was working on...
but I stopped working on it and let it lie dormont in my trashed map folder. I played
this for once in a long time just yesterday. Decided I'll get rid of it by uploading it
to the mill for some fun play.

==Copy Right Information==

Battle At Willow Creek is a third-party map for Myth II: Soulblighter. Copyright
1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created (in part)
with Fear and Loathing by True Peril (true_peril@hotmail.com). This plug-in is
meant to be distributed and used free-of-charge by owners of the Myth II: Soulblighter game.

-~True Peril~

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