; Mythgraveyard

I have created this set of multiplayer maps as a foundation for a single 
player campaign I will make by myself. But if anybody is interested
they can e-mail me for more information.

The three meshes are as follows:

Battle Arena: It contains three modified units out of the seven or so modified
units I have made for the single player campaign.

They are as follows:

* The Wanderer: a powerful sorcerer that came frome the untamed lands
in search of combat and an army. His special attack
is a ring of magic that paralyzes and hurts.

* Soldier: men who have been recruited through sorcery to follow
their master, The Wanderer. They are much like a brigand
but also through sorcery they have been made stronger.

* Hyper Ghol: a ghol race that has never been seen before in recorded
history. No one knows exactly how they came to be. They
are bigger and stronger, hehe!

every other unit in it i'm sure everyone is familiar with

* Warlocks
* Dark Archers
* Heron Guards that are loyal to The Wanderer's General (a modified
unit that will be available in the single player campaign).

The Demolition Arena: This map contains two new units.

They are as follows:

* Ghol Demolition Expert: They throw timed satchel charges, and their
special attack is a napalm charge. Treat
them like fast dwarfs.

* The Wanderer's General: He is the assassin target. He is also
stronger than a regular heron guard

other units are

* Warlocks
* bre'Unor
* Hyper Ghols
* Heron guards (again loyal to The Wanderer's General)
* Dark Archers
* Mortar Dwarves
* Wights

The Arena of the Dead: This map is entirely made up of the undead.

They are as follows:

* Soulless
* Thrall
* Wights
* Myrmidons

Well have fun! And play nice, hehe!

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products
Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: The Wanderer
(aka Micah Miller), darth_sidious83@yahoo.com

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