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Thank you for downloading BattleShips!! I hope you have a lot of fun with it!



Overhead Map
Now you can easily find any of your units that are out in the sea. However, because there should still be an element of surprise, you and your opponent cannot see each other on the overhead map
Updated Color Map
The outer-most areas of the ocean are now deeper so that you can't accidentally walk off the map and disappear. The camera movement to the map edges is also constrained now.
Character Changes
To make it less confusing, and easier to use, the mortar's Junk Shot attack is now its primary attack, instead of being its special attack. Also, the archer elite now is a little slower, he only has two wight arrows, and he doesn't explode violently when he dies anymore...
Several New Netgames
This map now features some different games other than Body Count for you to play. Now added are:
- Last Man on the Hill
You must capture and defend the flag in the center, you can't fight conservatively to win this one...
- Scavenger Hunt
Raid your opponent's ship for the 2 balls they have, but don't let them get yours!
- Flag Rally
There are 4 flags scattered in the sea, and one on each ship. Capture them all!
- Capture the Flag
If you can actually capture the enemy's flag, victory is yours.
- King of the Hill
A flag is out in the ocean that you must capture and defend, so you won't have your ship's resources with you.
- Assassination
Alric has joined your crew! Defend him and kill... uhh... his evil twin on the other ship!
- Hunting
One of my favorites, take out your rage on the local birds and griffins!


This is a multi-player map featuring a sea battle between two ships. There are many strategic weapons and units at your disposal. Most of the characters are a mixture of enhanced units with various abilities. Their colors are normally different than a regular unit's, but in the multi-player game you can't see the difference. So here's an explanation:

Guardian (stygian knight)
- A robotic fighter
ATTACK 1 - axe slash
a normal attack
ATTACK 2 - throw
guardians can pick up miscellaneous objects and throw them far
a fierce plasma shot that can destroy almost any foe in one hit (uses ammo: broken soulless javelins)

Mortar (cannon)
- A mobile destruction gun
ATTACK - Junk Shot
the mortar can be equipped with small objects to fire at a long distance

Rogue (bowman)
- An extremely fast thief that is better with the dagger than the bow
ATTACK 1 - quick stab
super fast normal attack
ATTACK 2 - arrow
the secondary attack (double-click on target); a normal arrow attack
SPECIAL ATTACK - Explosive Arrow
the name explains it all (uses ammo: dwarf satchel charge)

Archer Elite (bowman)
- A tall archer who is one of the most dangerous bowman yet
ATTACK 1 - arrow
a fast storm of arrows
ATTACK 2 - stab
the close range secondary attack
a specialized arrow that can stun, inflame, and destroy (uses ammo: archer elite wight arrow)

Giant Dwarf (dwarf)
- A giant boulder-hurlin' dwarf
ATTACK - Rock Throw
throws a huge boulder causing heavy damage
refreshes allies with medicine made from explosive elements (uses ammo: dwarf satchel charge)

Swordsman (warrior)
- The most highly skilled warriors
ATTACK - quick slash
a fast sword attack

Fang Grinder (ghol)
- The horribly fast, giant king of ghols
ATTACK 1 - cleaver
a mighty cleaver blow
ATTACK 2 - toss
tosses a picked up object

Table of Projectiles:
Satchel Charges
Wight Pus Packets
Explosive Pickles (projectiles of the Dwarf Farmer, a character who isn't in this stage)
Blaster Jewels (small blue projectiles of the Guardian)
Nuclear Bombs (a glowing green projectile of the Nuclear Dwarf*, who also isn't in this stage)
Warrior Swords

TIP: The Giant Dwarf's rock can also be used as an effective long range projectile

*it has come to my attention that someone has already created a Nuke Dwarf character, the similar name is purely coincidential, and the Nuclear Dwarf is slightly different


Characters and Map Creation: Brent McDonald
Additional Character Creation: Aaron Justice
Copyright 2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing under Mac OS 9.1

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