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Read Me.txtj8"ƠJJ+DXTTEXTttxtl!+}e>North of the Blind Stepps, in the northern mountain ranges that live in perpetual winter, is an ancient monastary. The monks of the northern monastary lived for Ages in harmony with Wyrd and with the natural forces of the earth itself, studying the martial arts for mental focus and for self-defense. 70 years ago, the monks learned of the Great War that was taking place in the south. Now, with the start of the Second War, the monks decided that they could stand aside no longer. With lightning flying from the sky at their command, and the healing power of Wyrd Himself, the Battle Monks come to aide the light.

No, this isn't ANOTHER unit with the summoner model. For those of you who have played through TFL, this model should be familiar, but for those who have only played Myth 2, this will be a new unit. The Battle Monk replaces the J-Man and the Warlock.

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If For Some Strange Reason You Want To Use This In A Map
Just email me first, and mention me in your read me.

Thanks to:
Rama, Mazrim Taim, Macros, Lews Therin, and Giant, for beta testing.
Clan Idiot, for being the wonderful fools that they are. IDIOTS RULE!
Bungie, for makeing this awsome game
Apple, for making the great imac that Im typing on right now

Legal Garbage
Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear by Caleb Hutchins (Demosthenes)
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