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=============Barbarian Valley Tourney Edition===============
======A Tournament Multiplayer Map by Clem / Creation=======

This map is a revision of the Full Solo/Multi Project originally released. This version is designed for Team/Tournament play & DOES NOT include the Solo level that the original included. If you want that you'll have to download the original release.

:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. Info on the Various Meshes
:::: 3. Credits
:::: 4. Legal
:::: 5. Contact info

:::: Info on the Various Meshes

Barbarian Valley Tourney Edition comes with three meshes specifically altered for Two Team tournament type gameplay. This revision comes on the heels of a special request from the pen of Sam Stone & his crew of disorderly's at SamStone Hotline.

Tourney Edition has identical layout of the original Solo/Multi release. However I have gone through & touched up a few visual & technical things that had been bothering me. All subtleties, but enhance the overall character of the map greatly.

::1:: Barbarian Valley T.E. Light

This 2 team mesh gives you a large, light unitset.

Warriors ( 18/27 )
Thrall ( 34/46 )
Bowmen ( 12/24 )
Dwarves ( 4/6 )
Gh™ls ( 12/18 )
Wights ( 3/6 )
Journeymen ( 2/2 )
Myrmidon ( Assassin - 1, 2 or 3 based on Difficulty )

::2:: Barbarian Valley T.E. Dark

This 2 team mesh gives you a large, dark unitset on a Dusk/Night Tinted Map.

Zerks ( 18/27 )
Mauls ( 22/28 )
Soulless ( 12/18)
Fetch ( 6/8 )
Spiders ( 12/12 )
Dwarven Mortars ( 4/6 )
Trow ( 3/3 )
Baron ( Assassin - 1, 2 or 3 based on Difficulty )

::3:: Barbarian Valley T.E. Special Ed.

This 2 team mesh gives you a large, TFL nostalgia unitset of sorts.

Myrmidons ( 18/27 )
Hooded Thrall ( 20/28 )
Soulless ( 16/24 )
Fetch ( 2/4 )
Spiders ( 12/12 )
Warlocks ( 2/4 )
Forest Giants ( 2/3 )
Dwarven Heros ( 1/2 )
Deceiver ( Assassin - 1 or 2 depending Difficulty )

:::: Credits

Design, Colormap, Mesh: Clem
Artwork: Clem
UnitSets: SamStone & Crew & Clem
Documentation: Clem

Made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, Vista's Amber, and Adobe Photoshop

:::: Legal

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

:::: Contact Info

e-mail Clem for questions and comments or contact Sam Stone if you Absolutely Hate the unitsets. :)

A Personal note:

Firstly... thank you very much to those who downloaded this map & continue to be supporting & fans of my work as well as Creation's work. All of you are the reason many of us mapmakers continue to produce creative works regardless of the unbelievable abuse you get anymore by simply producing something for free. Thank you.

Secondly... I'd like to take a second to state to all my Personal Detractors that this is another example of how Crappy all my projects are & also that the Mything world is still awaiting all of you self appointed experts & saviors to Prove your Mapmaking capabilities. Put up or shutup punks. If you want to Bitch about others work you need to show you have skills to do better yourselves... but we've been saying that for over 6 months now haven't we. You all know very well who you are.

I've grown very tired of having to defend anything I release to people who never produce anything or do not have the skills or personal commitments to master the Mapmaking learning curve. Many vocal people have taken many opportunities in both forums & on BungieNet to both ridicule my mapmaking efforts as well as attempt to tarnish my reputation as a Mapmaker & part of the Myth community. Those that actually know me rather than making assumptions about me are very aware that these things are wrong.

Currently I have no plans of removing myself from the Mything community. I will continue to do what I enjoy & doing those things exactly as I feel they need to be done. Mapmaking is a hobby to me. I have a very fulfilling career. I have a family. I have a dog that snores & farts excessively. These things give me a life that I both enjoy & cherish. Mapmaking is an escape from my daily stresses & duties & I enjoy it. I will not change that & the few of you who feel they CAN change that are complete morons for feeling your ideas or "assumed roles" as critics to the Myth community really matter can simply Kiss My Ass. Period.

Here's to my next release for all of you bastards to hate! Cheers.

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