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=============Barbarian Valley Tourney Edition for Myth 3 Beta 2===============
==================A Tournament Multiplayer Map by Clem=======

This map is an early beta release and likely will receive both visual and technical revisions prior to it's final release. Barbarian Valley was the first map I produced for M2. Apparently it also seems to be one of my more popular maps in players eyes. So... I thought Valley should also be the first M3 map I sank my teeth in to.

Special thanks to Malek and Iggy Popped for helping me grudgingly over the hurdles that remained in my head from all the M2 work I'd done. I've still a ways to go, but thanks to your help this wasn't as painful as I initially thought the transition would be.

Visually I think this beta is fairly close to where I want it to be. I feel I could tweak it further OR I could take the knowledge i've gained and move on to another port. So, where I feel players at this point would more likely want more maps to play rather than one near perfect visual map I think i'll try to keep the tweaks limited to technical problems and unit-set balance issues.

Unit Sets: If you have comments or input concerning the unit sets on these meshes please feel free to email me your ideas and reasoning on those ideas to itsclem@bellsouth.net

:::: Credits

Design, Colormap, Mesh: Clem
M2 UnitSets: SamStone & Crew & Clem (M3 version is adapted from these sets)

Made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, Vista's Amber, and Adobe Photoshop and of course Vengeance for M3.

:::: Legal

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Clem. All other copyrights reserved by their proper owners and title holders.

:::: Contact Info

e-mail Clem < itsclem@bellsouth.net >

NOTE: At the least you will likely see 3 to 4 ports of M2 maps from myself. You may see some ports of my solo maps depending on the help I get on certain areas and/or the rare chance that some form of scripting ability is made available and/or added into the M3 for Mac Vengeance program. I also have plans on the table for several all new M3 maps. For the time being i'll polish my M3 knowledge on the ports while quietly tinkering with the new maps in isolation.

That's it. Enjoy and most of all Have Fun.


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