; Mythgraveyard

To install place the tag plugin in your Myth 3 plugin folder and the mp3 in your movies folder. The mp3 is the pregame narration.

Select New Game and Bagrada should be at the bottom of the list.

Credits and Thanks:
Colormap ported and updated by Phish
Sitting God and Snow Marker models, mesh, scripting, and basically everything else you see was ported by Mumbles

Thanks to wod'asini for porting some TFL sounds which didn't get used because updated tags don't override the originals (grr).
A bag full o' love goes out to El B for porting the narration and figuring out how it works.
And then there's iggy for answering endless annoying questions without threatening any bodily harm on me or those I love (I know I would have).
Oh and another shout out to the guys that helped test this..Malek, GIANT, uhm..I think Darth Maul downloaded it..Forrest played one of the earliest versions..yeah, I think that's everyone. If I missed someone then SCREW YOU! YOU NEVER BELIEVED IN ME BUT I DID IT ANYWAY! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!! *sob*

Have Fun!

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