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Backstreet Brawl v 1.6
copyright 1999 - Malcom Sanders

A few of you in alt.games.myth have asked for a little of what's in Backstreet Brawl - invisible scouts, assasins, to name a few.

There's also a few 'surprises' I'm sure you'll like.

This map uses a bit of scripting, so please bear with me.

The psyghols are originally from Lord Psycho's 'Ghol World' from Myth:TFL lore (sorry, I forgot their old name). The true credit goes to him for this unit. ( http://come.to/NPK )

A few sounds are copyright their individual owners.

Etc, etc, legal jargon....

One possible bug: there's a few models in this game and it eats a wee bit of memory (heh, heh). I've noticed running it under low memory conditions (my computer, for instance) that under 800x600 mode, the unit trade window doesn't show up. On 640x480 it's fine. If anyone can hint to it's probably cause, please tell me. Also tell me if it shows with a full 64 MB of RAM available (like if you have, say, 128 MB installed in your machine).

Enjoy. Report any scripting bugs to me: malcom@prestwick-az.com

Bugs history:

Um, just some various stuff. Cleanup and so forth.

Assassin should be more stable unit now
Thank Reepicheep

the Assasin type game (reinforcements show up after team dead)
Thanks NuclearBoy

minor fixes

Fixed potential bug in scripting with the 'Wizzer of Oz' - wizz no stop.
Cleaned up the scritping a little.

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