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Back To The Graveyard readme file.

***How To Install:***

Install the maps, by unzipping the entire BackToTheGraveyardv1_1.zip file into your plugins folder in the MythII map on your HardDisk..


We Thank:

Lank: For support and many great tips, but above all for taking on the task of rewriting our story and string lists.
GHOST: For his lightning effect and encouragement to keep mapmaking.
Bubba: For beta-testing (Is that reply you sent me EVER gonna arrive?;)
Ares: For creating ares.creationgames.com and learning us both to script.
Soma: For teaching Blackie colormapping.
Vista: For making their great forum!
Mill/Clem: For letting us upload this project.
Bungie: For creating Loathing, Fear and offcourse, MythII: Soulblighter.

***Updates v1_1:***

-New storylines and string lists (Without grammar and spelling mistakes)
-Updated colormaps for map 1 and 2
-Decreased download size
-Deleted annoying bats in map 3

The entire project is created with the tools: Loathing and Fear; Which are CopyRighted By: Bungie Software

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