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...Created by an unknown magic, SpiderWights can conquer terrain like a spider, hypnotize the enemy so as to walk among them, and leave only the foulless stench behind as they pass unnoticed by the most vigilant scout...

Sound good?

Drop this into your plugins folder, replace all Wights with SpiderWights, and hang on to your shorts!! :)

This is one of those "guilty pleasures" - though relatively simple, and sometimes aggravating, they are *addicting*!! You're going to have to trust me on this one. Most people don't like SpiderWights at first, but then after they get used to them they find they want to play a game or two with them every now and then!

SpiderWights look just like Wights (no new graphics here folks), but have the following characteristics:
- They can move like a Spider (thus the name) over all but the most impassable terrain, and don't slow down for hills!
- They move faster than humans (Warriors, Berzerks, Herons), but slower than Myrks, Ghols, Spiders, and Trow
- They have the hypnotic ability to remain unseen as they move among the enemy. They are not invisible - it's just that they can't be "auto-targeted" - so you have to target them yourself!
- They will concentrate on a single target, so you can click on a single Warlock or Dwarf if you like!
- Their extra-foul stench renders them invisible on the Overhead Map!

Give 'em a try - in fact, try them several times before you decide whether or not you like them. They take a bit of getting used to, but can be loads of fun!

We've played dozens of games with them and it's quite interesting the strategies and tactics that have evolved with using them!

--Baak (aka Baak'lor, Order of H'Pak)

(Made with Bungie's Fear, Copyright Bungie Studios)

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