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NOTE: Added 2008-03-17:

ADT Tagset 1.3 NoAutoLoad has been replaced by my ADT Anywhere plugin for better gameplay.

Note however that you still need the Tagset when playing non-ADT Anywhere plugins on an
ADT map (see the Anywhere plugin instructions) - you need it for the scenery, etc.


ADT classic maps v1.2

This is the original "ALIEN - Dark Tide v1.0" plugin patched to v1.2 - includes minor fixes and new meshes - *but* you must also include the "ADT Tagset 1.3" plugin (since it is now separate) - see the "ADT - Classic Maps v1.2 [Patched] - Read Me.txt" for more details.

Old OoH Films use the "all-in-one" ADT plugin included in the H'Pak Film Vault.


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