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Baak's Mini Peasant Unit (from StoneHeart RDF!!) ~ June 1, 2003
(C)2003 Baak'lor Studios (aka Wayne Alan Crosby). All Rights Reserved.

My Mini Peasants were inspired by the Special Bonus Level of the arcade game
"Marble Madness" that only Two Saks (one of my very best friends, Doug in real
life) could get me to by way of playing a team game (I just wasn't very good at
that game!). It was one of those incredible game experience (like beating the
game Assault!).

Basically all the enemy units that had been trying to kill you - and you were
controlling a marble through the maze - were suddenly miniaturized and in a
small sunken area on the map. You got to go in and squish them! In the rest of
the game you could only avoid them but could never kill them, so this was just
too much fun! Also when you moved into the little sunken area to get them, they
would scurry away in fear! It was truly inspired, and made you want to get to
the Bonus Level if you could (what a reward!).

These little guys in my map mod, "StoneHeart RDF!!" are a tribute to that amazing
bonus level, all the incredible memories of playing (and creating) games of all
types with TS and the rest of the H'Pak Old Timers, and of course to the players
of the Order of H'Pak themselves. In fact, the five different colors of the Mini
Peasants are from the five colors of the founding Members of the OoH plus HS, who
was our first Official Member after the original four! :D

If you haven't played the Hunting Level on StoneHeart RDF, then you should do so
as soon as possible - and play with Rocket Dorfs from my Rocket Dorf Fest!! Mod
to have an incredibly fun time!! ;D

Please ask for permission before using my Mini Peasants on a map - they took a
TON OF WORK to get just right - THANKS! :)

Enjoy!! :D



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