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"Baak's KotH Flipper" v2.1 for Myth II ~ by Baak

After a *TON* of research into creating a map with a King of the Hill Flag on
all difficulty settings but Legendary, where it would be replaced with a KotH
Ball, I came up with the ULTIMATE SOLUTION that is so simple I was stunned!! :)

Plop "Baak's KotH Flipper" in your Myth plugins folder and set it Active to:

(1) Convert any and all "King of the Hill" Flags on a map to KotH Balls!!
(2) Convert any and all "King of the Hill" Balls on a map to KotH Flags!!

OMG - is that cool?!? :D

This works on ANY Myth II multiplayer map that uses standard Koth Flags/Balls!
... And this plugin is REALLY TINY!! :D

If you've never played "King of the Ball", you owe it to yourself to try it -
it's a completely different game! Check it out!! :D

*** NOTE: When using the KotH Flipper with my "Balls o' Fun" plugins, any new
KotH Ball will be normal size UNTIL IT IS FIRST MOVED, then it will
become Small, Big, Huge, Wacky or Iron - a minor quirk with Myth! ;)

Yowza! Version 2.0 also flips the following CUSTOM KotH Flags/Balls:

* Alien Dark Tide
* Chimera Multiplayer
* Worlds Collide

Enjoy!! :D

P.S. The plugin name starts with a leading "z" to ensure it gets loaded last


Copyright (C)2004 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Change Log: 2004/01/20 - First Version
2004/02/24 - Added 3rd Party KotH Flags/Balls to the conversion :)
2004/04/24 - Added additional Myth II 1.5 "load last" flag

This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
You are free to post this plugin on non-commercial media, but you must include
this unaltered readme file with it at all times.

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