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Baak's "Baron Baum" ~ for Myth II ~ v0.8

This is an extraction of the "Baron Baum" unit from my "StoneHeart RDF!!" map
conversion. It replaces Wights, Barons, and most standard stampede units with
Baron Baums. The experimental "(+amb)" plugin also replaces lots of standard
ambient and hunting units (chicken/pig/deer/peasant) with Baron Baums.

The Baron Baum unit can also be used with Rocket Dorf Fest!! Ooooooh... ;D

What it is:

A Baron Baum is essentially a Baron unit converted into a Wight with twice the
power. He moves faster than a Wight, can take considerably more damage, can be
healed (he doesn't disintegrate into pus packets), and delivers one heck of a
punch when he is destroyed - or when he blows himself up via his T-Attack.

Stand back! He delivers twice the damage in *twice* the radius!! :D

... Did I mention he is always invisible on the overhead map?


"Baum" is actually German for "boom" - however, it means the type of boom that
you find on a ship: A long spar extending from a mast to hold or extend the
foot of a sail. Thus "baum", which sounds like the English "bomb" is something
of a double play on words. ;)

I went nuts with an English-German dictionary and created a vast list of puns
on various words and phrases (like "Gas Bag") to use as names for Baron Baums.
If you're ever interested in reverse translating, the dictionary is here:

http://www.quickdic.de/index_e.html (What a funny name for a site!)

If you wish to use the Baron Baum unit on a map, please give proper credit.

Enjoy!! :D


Copyright (C)2005 Baak'lor Studios. Some Rights Reserved.
This plugin is licensed under a Creative Commons License:

This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.

Change Log: 2005/03/10 - Version 0.7
2005/04/06 - Version 0.8 (added Barons and separate (+amb) plugin)

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