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Baak's "Balls o' Fun!!" ~ for Myth II ~ v3.0

After a few nights of painstaking tweakage and several outstanding games with
the Order of H'Pak, I bring you: "Balls o' Fun!!" :)

Try these for a completely different ball game (Bacon/Captures/Scav/BoP) in
Myth II! They work for ANY standard ball (and some special ones - see below),
each has their own unique behavior (both physically and strategically), but
most importantly they make for some VERY FUN GAMES!

v2.0+ also converts WWII, Alien Dark Tide, Wild West, and Chimera Balls! Dang!
v3.0+ ALSO converts Baak's additional Scavenger Hunt Balls #6 through #10! :D

All of them are recommended for "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" games, but are designed
to be just as fun with standard units! :)

The Host just picks *one* ball to use, makes it Active, and voila!

"Mini Balls" - Smaller (about half size) - IDEAL for Minis and Mondos! :D

"Giant Balls" - Name says it all! In fact, **UNITS CAN HIDE BEHIND THEM!!**
Makes Captures a TON OF FUN with standard units too!!

"Wacky Balls" - Change size randomly from REALLY TINY to GIANT every single
time they move, and are very "jumpy" when moved - FUN!! :D

"Heavy Balls" - EXTREMELY heavy balls, EXCELLENT for use with RDF!! :D
(Keeps the balls from going "into orbit" - usually!)

Additional information on "Heavy Balls":

* "Heavy Balls" are slightly smaller than normal Myth balls and look metallic
when unowned or contested (owned colors remain as per normal player colors)

* With "Heavy Balls" there are times on steep terrain that the ball will be
spinning and slowly moving to settle in level ground. This is realistic
behavior (other than perhaps the speed/direction of the spinning) and it
forces you to use terrain more carefully to move them (i.e. it is easier
to move them on level terrain than it is up or down hills). During the time
the ball is "settling" it CANNOT be moved! :)

* I originally had them sink in water, but it didn't play well enough ...

*** NOTE: You can also combine any of these ball types with my "KotH Flipper"
to play "King of the Ball" with a FUNKY BALL!! Just note that until
the ball is first moved, it will appear normal - this is a quirk in
Myth that I cannot fix, but makes no difference once it's moved! :D

Enjoy!! :D

P.S. The plugin names start with a leading "z" to ensure they get loaded last


Copyright (C)2004 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Change Log: 2004/01/21 - First Version
2004/02/05 - Added "Iron Balls"
2004/02/24 - Added 3rd Party Custom Balls to the conversion :)
2004/04/24 - Added additional Myth II 1.5 "load last" flag
2004/10/13 - Changed Iron/Lead name to "Heavy" - added balls 6-10

This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
You are free to post this plugin on non-commercial media, but you must include
this unaltered readme file with it at all times.

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