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"Baak's Artillery Pak" - Pluginized/Mods by Baak (OoH)
Last Updated: 12 Sep 2008 - v0.2

Original Plugin/Conversion Authors:
"Dirigible" - by Bungie; Mods: Welly, A-Red(Onyx)
"Dwarven Airship" - by Giant(Idiots Mapmaking Collective)
"Hexo Ballista" } by Hexographica
"Hexo Catapult" }
"Hexo Dragon" }
"Hexo Griffin" }
"Sak's Cannon" - by Korgath(Creation); Mods: GimpMask(KRO)
"Tremor Cannon" - by Remedial
"VCatapult" } by Volund
"VFixCatapult" }

Dedicated to:
The Members and Special Guests of the OoH (Order of H'Pak);
The creators of all the original incredible conversions;
My wife, Linda;
Myth Players everywhere

System Requirements:
Requires Project Magma's Myth II Patch 1.6 Build 290 (or greater) to play:

*** Long Live Myth! ***


The Artillery Pak contains some of our favorite artillery units from many
different authors, all packaged together for your playing pleasure. They tend
to fall into two categories: cannons and airships. Both are formidable units
so only certain substitutions work well, but you'll be surprised how many
different combinations you will find (and will be able to find) with these
plugins as they have been adapted.

Each of the Pak's units are formidable so only certain substitutions work well,
yet having lots of variety makes them work on tons of maps. Thus the multiple
plugin version known as the Artillery Pak was born.

For each plugin you make active, you get the selected unit instead of the unit
type listed in parens at the end of the plugin name, as follows:

With this plugin active: You get Trebuchets instead of:

~~ Trebuchets (archers) ==> Bowmen (Heroes in big+can), bre'Unor, fir'Bolg
~~ Trebuchets (barons) ==> Baron units - great for assassin games!
~~ Trebuchets (dorfs) ==> Just about every Dorf unit there is
~~ Trebuchets (fetch) ==> You guessed it... Fetch
~~ Trebuchets (ghols) ==> Yep, Ghols
~~ Trebuchets (giants) ==> "Big" units - Trow, Myrk Giants, Cannons, Airships
~~ Trebuchets (healers) ==> Journeymen, Heron Heros, Bishops, etc.
~~ Trebuchets (warlocks) ==> All but Warlock Heroes (they're in giants)
~~ Trebuchets (wights) ==> Convert those Wights to something tougher...

For example, you could substitute the mortar dwarves on Venice with Trebuchets
by making the (dorfs) plugin active. If you *also* make the (warlocks) plugin
active you'll get even more Trebuchets - get the idea? :)

FIXED UNITS: This refers to "stationary" units, which so far include the
"Hexo Ballista" and "VFixCatapult". These units only substitute
for (barons), (healers), and (giants) since they are only really
useful for games where you want something on defense only.


Original Readmes (NOTE: More to come)

The Sak Cannon

The "Sak Cannon" is a very powerful, but somewhat chaotic artillery unit capable of great destruction over long range. Unfortunately, that power comes at the price of lowered accuracy.

The Dwarves built the cannon to batter enemies at range and soften them for the approach of melee units. This is still an effective tactic, but be warned: any of your units that dare walk before the fury of the Sak Cannon takes a considerable risk.

Here is how to use this plug-in:
-- Place the plug-in in your Myth II plug-ins folder.
-- The host must activate the plug-in in the pregame set up screen (click on the plug-in button).
-- All participating players must also have the plug-in, though only the host needs activate it.
-- This unit replaces Warlocks on any map when the plug-in is activated (the map must have Warlocks available). The price of a cannon is 12 pts, but it can be quite worth it with a bit of luck and some skill.

This plug radically changes the face of combat on maps such as "Badlands," "Clash in the Cloudspine," "Dead Mans Float" (Assassin), "If I had a Trow," and "Venice." The carnage is unreal, and the play is still balanced.

My recently released map, "Wasteland Arena" was designed for use of this cannon (however, it is a stand alone unit and doesn't replace Warlocks). There are game types and conditions that allow for the cannon to be taken out of play, but it is quite obvious that the Sak Cannon is the star of the show.

This is a unit that was originally created by Korgath and put into "storage." I later picked it up, adapted to a map I was working on and released it. Korgath has given me permission to use this tagset, and I now release it as a modifier to all Bungie and 3rd party maps.

Created by Korgath of Creation.
Adapted and posted by GimpMask of KRO

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing.



29 Aug 2008 v0.1 - Initial Test Release
12 Sep 2008 v0.2 - Added nine (!) more units - some as candidates only


* This unaltered readme file must be included with the plugin at all times.

* This plugin is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your
own risk.

* Please report any bugs to the author to allow them to be incorporated into
future releases, preferably in the OoH Feedback Forum:


* Only the author is authorized to distribute this plugin in any form,
whether for profit or not. Exception: You may place this plugin on archive
media (e.g. CD/DVD) for your own private collection or to distribute among
Myth players you are actively playing with, as long as you do so without
profit or commercial gain and you, and those to which you distribute this
plugin as described, abide by this EULA.

* If the author and OoH sites disappear completely from the Myth Community,
and they have not passed their material on to a designated party, and the
author has not already posted the plugin on a public download site (such as
The Tain or MythMaps), you may then post this plugin in a non-commercial
environment as long as you abide by this EULA.

* If you wish to modify this plugin, extract original material created by the
author (including, but not limited to: scripting, units, tags, graphics,
sounds), or incorporate it or portions of it elsewhere, you must obtain
written permission from the author first and give appropriate credit.
If you are unable to contact the author (or the author's designated
representative(s)) because they have left the Myth community completely,
you are free to proceed as long as you give appropriate credit and do not
use any content or derivative works for commercial purposes.

* Anything not created independently from the Myth game by the author are
copyright Bungie Software and/or Take Two Interactive and/or their
respective author(s). Any other plugins mentioned in this document are
copyright by their respective author(s).

* Any material created independently by the author, including, but not limited
to: Characters, Unit Types, Weapons, Weapon Behavior, Unit Names, Flavors,
Descriptions, Abilities, Attributes, Behaviors, Strengths and Weaknesses;
Unit/Game Balance; Scripting; the combination of settings, units, weapons,
ambient items, etc. that make up the unique feel of this plugin; logic and
execution of same; any and all original graphics, sounds, text, media; any
and all original documentation (including this readme); are:
Copyright (C)2000-2008 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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