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"Baak's Anywhere Solo Pak" - Pluginized/Extensive Mods by Baak (OoH)
Last Updated: 2008-04-19 - v0.2

Original Plugin/Conversion Authors:
"Alien Dark Tide (ADT)" by Strangelet (TMBM)
"Marathon" by Bungie / "Somewhere in the Heavens" by Astro tSD et al
"MythWarrior" by Rohan (MoR)
"The Wild West" by Bar 7
"Worlds Collide" by Cydonian

Dedicated to:
The Members and Special Guests of the OoH (Order of H'Pak)
My wife, Linda
The creators of all the original incredible conversions
Myth Players everywhere

System Requirements:
Requires Project Magma's Myth II Patch 1.6 Build 290 (or greater) to play:

*** The very latest Anywhere Series Manual will be located here: ***

*** Long Live Myth! ***


By request I've created five sets of plugins to allow you to play some of
Myth II's best conversions in solo games "vs Myth" (against standard Myth units)
and "vs Same" (against converted units).

In many cases you will have overwhelming superiority, which has the advantage
of excellent stress relief (heh) and an opportunity to challenge yourself in
other ways. For example, how fast can you play a given level? But beware: you
can easily shoot yourself in the foot with superior firepower and suddenly
discover you are being overwhelmed! It is also EXCELLENT for practicing with
units from the various conversions. My MythWarrior game is now MUCH better.

... that is when playing against the standard Myth units. When playing against
converted units you will almost always be outnumbered - sometimes hopelessly -
but on those games I've given your units extra sk33lz and/or ammo to help you
survive. Good luck!

Note that none of the original solo levels have been changed to accomodate
for these plugins, although I did adjust some of your own units to give you
more ammo, etc. You should also be able to play on Project Magma's excellent
"The Fallen Levels" (TFL Solos), although I know of two maps that currently
have problems with scripting: Homecoming and Out of the Barrier (at the end).
In addition, Shiver doesn't seem to end properly, although the rest of the
level was very fun using MythWarrior.

I don't currently have plans to "fix" any of these quirks, as it involves a
LOT of work - there are other higher-priority projects in the queue. However,
please give any feedback on quirks you discover on the OoH Feedback Forums,
being sure to include all details (plugin and version number, solo map, what
happened under what circumstances, etc.). I intentionally started the version
number off at 0.1 to allow for future updates.

So far I am collecting solo maps we enjoy playing - and which can be converted
without too much hassle. I'm open to requests.


Just add the plugin on top of whatever solo map you are playing:

To Play vs Myth use:
~Solo- awXX

To Play vs Same (i.e. against converted units) use:
~Solo+ awXX

Think of the "+" as "tougher" and it will be easier to remember.

I hope you enjoy these plugins - I've had a lot of fun with them! :)

Please comment (and report any bugs with details) on the OoH Forums.




2007-05-14 v0.1 - Initial Release
2008-04-19 v0.2 - Added "vs Same" and a ton of enhancements
(from my work on the Anywhere Multiplayer Pak)
- Added Marathon AW to the set - SWEET!


* This unaltered readme file must be included with the plugin at all times.

* This plugin is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your
own risk.

* Please report any bugs to the author to allow them to be incorporated into
future releases, preferably in the OoH Feedback Forum:


* Only the author is authorized to distribute this plugin in any form,
whether for profit or not. Exception: You may place this plugin on archive
media (e.g. CD/DVD) for your own private collection or to distribute among
Myth players you are actively playing with, as long as you do so without
profit or commercial gain and you, and those to which you distribute this
plugin as described, abide by this EULA.

* If the author and OoH sites disappear completely from the Myth Community,
and they have not passed their material on to a designated party, and the
author has not already posted the plugin on a public download site (such as
The Tain or MythMaps), you may then post this plugin in a non-commercial
environment as long as you abide by this EULA.

* If you wish to modify this plugin, extract original material created by the
author (including, but not limited to: scripting, units, tags, graphics,
sounds), or incorporate it or portions of it elsewhere, you must obtain
written permission from the author first and give appropriate credit.
If you are unable to contact the author (or the author's designated
representative(s)) because they have left the Myth community completely,
you are free to proceed as long as you give appropriate credit and do not
use any content or derivative works for commercial purposes.

* Anything not created independently from the Myth game by the author(s) are
copyright Bungie Software and/or Take Two Interactive and/or their
respective author(s). Any other plugins mentioned in this document are
copyright by their respective author(s).

* "Anywhere" in the context of these plugins is:
Copyright (C)2007-2008 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

* "Flying Invisible Squirrel Heads"; "Medi-Balls"; Random Goodie Scattering
design, logic, execution, and tags; any work created independently of the
original plugin author(s) and/or Bungie Studios and/or Take Two Interactive
are: Copyright (C)2003-2008 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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