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"MythWarrior Anywhere" ~ v1.14[RC] ~ Mod by Baak

Original Plugin/Conversion: MythWarrior by Rohan (MoR)

Dedicated to the Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak.
Last Updated: 2008-04-11

With this plugin you can now play MythWarrior - Anywhere!

555 units from maps as diverse as WWII, ADT, Wild West, and many more
will now convert to MythWarrior units in as balanced a manner as I could pull
off. I even added my patent-pending method from RDF to turn the otherwise
overwhelming number of units on most maps into a more manageable size.

Special thanks to Rohan (MoR) for creating this amazing conversion. I'm hoping
this plugin will allow you to play it that much more.

I've also included the original MythWarrior Readmes in this package.

Just add the plugin on top of whatever multiplayer map you are playing.

Note that it has a funny name on purpose, using the { characters to put it
in the right order to allow "stacking" with other OoH unit conversion
plugins, giving you the most diverse Myth experience possible.

I hope you enjoy this plugin and I hope it allows you to play this most
excellent Myth conversion on more maps than you ever imagined.

Please comment (and report any bugs with details) on the OoH Forums.



2007-04-13 v1.0 - Initial Release
2007-04-19 v1.1 - Fixed standard Myth netgame balls/flags
- All Dwarf-type units now convert to Pulse Mortar units
2007-05-11 v1.2 - X1 Pulse Mortars are 20% bigger, M1 units 20% smaller
- Reduced some of the excessive "roger" audio when moving
2008-02-19 v1.3 - X1 Pulse Mortars have blackish markings, faster mana, and
their special now acts just like a Trebuchet mortar
- X1 Pulse Lasers have slower mana (matches X1 Pulse Mortars)
- M1 Missile units have 4 missiles now instead of 8
- M1 Missile units can now be "stomped" by S1 double-click
- ETB units move faster (39 instead of 29)
- Reduced excessive "roger" audio even more when moving units
- Latest unit conversion updates applied
2008-02-29 v1.4 - LOTS of little tweaks to really polish this baby up
- Holy cow! You can play on Dorfball (with the *original*
Dorfball Tagset + Dorfball Map) *AND* Fetchball! OMG!!
2008-04-11 v1.14- [RC] Sloped speeds higher and removed Steep movement
- Many other changes being incorporated into v1.15 AW Pak


* This unaltered readme file must be included with the plugin at all times.

* This plugin is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your
own risk.

* Please report any bugs to the author to allow them to be incorporated into
future releases.

* Original plugin author: Rohan (MoR).

* "Flying Invisible Squirrel Heads" and any work created independently of the
original plugin author and/or Bungie Studios and/or Take Two Interactive
are: Copyright (C)2003-2008 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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