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Hello sirs,
I am submitting this plug-in “B03b - “I’m out of Ammo” for your perusal: I have created a new “peasant” unit which will (hopefully [haven’t fully gotten the knack of this]) behave like the ‘assimilated’ bobs from Marathon™. They will have to be added to any map which you want to add thrm to. I haven’t done ANYTHING other than to change its attack and its alegiance (dark). I have also changed the colors slightly, so as to be able to give them a “different” look.

Hopefully this will work well enough so that I will make more ‘assimilated’ units (maybe even ‘light’ versions of the dark troops) for your gaming pleasure. This Should liven up maps with peasants on them.

My e-mail address is ‘gwoodrow_4@hotmail.com’. Please send me suggestions, ideas, complaints, rants (please keep language within reason) ect. to me.

Thank you for your consideration,
George v. Woodrow IV
aka : Phoenix - (V)
: Fenix Asher - (V)
: Xtreme - (V)
: PhŌnix °(V)°
: PusHead - (V)
: Fioreth - (V)
: (V)oneaux - (V)
: Nothgiel - (V)
: Kthulu °(V)°
: (V)isery - (V)
: Elminster - °(V)°
: Egroeg - (V)

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Corporation. Created with Bungies Fear & Loathing by : George V. Woodrow IV : gwoodrow_4@hotmail.com

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