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AzTechno Dance Party (v 1.02)
Created by: vinylrake
Contact: vinylrake@vinylrake.net
Posted: 03/25/2002

note: Version 1.02 fixes a bug in version 1.0 that prevented ATDP maps from loading properly.


AzTechno Dance Party contains several medium sized net maps for Myth 2: SoulBlighter.

AzTechno Dance Party is a fun medium sized desert net map with lots of elevation
and structures to drop explosives off of. Besides the prodigious amounts of
sand and rocks one would expect in a desert, there are several Olmec-inspired
ruins on the outskirts of the map and a very large ruined pyramid in the center
of the valley. There are also numerous rocky hills that provide cover as well
as making great places to fire at enemies from.

There are few if any mininum numbers of troops a player is required to
use on any of these maps, so unit trading can be a lot of fun. (Don't
like dorfs and journeymen? Trade them all in for archers!)

Beta tester feedback is that the central pyramid structure which is the
focus of many of the flag games (LMotH, KotH) makes for very intense battles.

There are four AzTecho variants:

Aztechno Dance Party - a 4 team map with a troop mix reminiscent of Venice.

Aztechno Slam Dance - a 2 team map with LOTS of troops. Think "The desert
between your ears" in a smaller space. Both teams start on opposite sides of
the central pyramid.

Aztechno Tango (hilo) - is a 2 team map in which each team has a different mix
of units. One team starts at the top of the pyramid, the other on the valley
floor. The team that starts at the top of the pyramid consists of only a few
troops but all are heros. The team that starts on the desert floor has many,
many more troops of a more ordinary bent.

Aztechno Tango (lohi) - is a 2 team map that is the same as the hilo map,
just inverted. On this map the team that starts on the desert floor has only
a few troops but all are heros. The other team, who start on the top of the
pyramid has many, many more 'regular' units.

Capture the flag bases are the four raised structures in the corners of the
map. Last Man on the Hill, and King of the Hill have the flag on the top of
the central pyramid. Territories and flag rally games have flags scattered
over the entire map.

One note about the hills on this level, I took a lot of time tweaking the
passability map so that hills would be more like hills in the real world then
they are on many Myth maps. In other words hills are not just obstacles to go
around or objects that anyone can climb from any direction. If a hill has a
steep side and a shallow sloped side troops can generally only go up the
shallow side. Units may have to try more than one approach to get to the
top of a hill. I open to feedback whether or not the terrain seems realistic
of if I went overboard and the terrain is more annoying than playable.

This is a simple map. No models, no custom units, very little scenery at all,
just fighting and death. In between making my first map and starting on this
one I stumbled across Soma's Mapmaker's Food and Clem published his most
excellent tutorials on color indexing and color mapping and the map is much
more appealing than it would have been if I had not had their resources and
(indirect) advice. As always, thanks to Cydonian for his mapmaking tutorial
which remains my quick reference guide to all things map making related.

There is one problem I am aware of with this map. The extreme elevation at the
top of the central pyramid makes the visibility at the top EXTREMELY limited.
I would like to give players the opportunity to zoom out further but once I
got the displacement looking ok for the central pyramid I was unable to darken
the displacement map accurately enough to maintain the proportions of the
pyramid. If anyone has a relatively simple way to do this I will probably fix
it and release an updated version.

Thanks to members of Clan Ramone, including Zertigo, Lady Gholdiva, Lone Dorf,
Soul Splat, for assisting in beta testing this map.

Thanks also to other Mapmakers; Cydonian's most excellent Myth 2 Mapmaking
Tutorial remains the most invaluable reference for creating Soulblighter2
maps. Likewise, Clem's colormapping article inspired me to create a color
map from scratch, but Soma's Mapmaker's Food textures tempted me to the
dark (but speedy) side of colormapping. More than one of the layers in
this map are based on Soma's textures. None of the people mentioned above
should be held responsible in way for any shortcomings on this map.

This map was created in part with "Fear" and "Loathing" which along with "Myth"
and "Soulblighter" are copyright Bungie Software, and parts of this map may fall
under Bungie's copyright as well so pass over me O ye attorneys of death and cast
not your evil gaze upon me as I have recited the sacred words.

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Contact me with questions, cash or bugs at vinylrake@yahoo.com or maps@vinylrake.net

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