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Bugs :
-Fixed a bug in S2 Recon where game wouldnt end when both fishermen are alive.

Balancing :
I received many comments about the unit balance and decided to change a few things.

-Spy's recovery time between every shot is now 2 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds.
-Heavy demolition now needs a little longer range to use his bazooka and grenades. As much as the sniper's.
-Heavy demolition bullets are easier to dodge.
-Soldier has faster mana regeneration. (1.5 times faster)
-Engineer can fire his smg at closer range.
-Engineers now drop 4 to 5 mines instead of 5 to 6.
-Mines are a little less powerful, the area of effect is slightly smaller to allow lucky soldiers to survive.
-Medic can heal at a longer range.
-Medic's pistol deals a little more damage.
-Field ops now have a 3 shot burst instead of 2. But the delay between bursts is higher than a soldier's
-Stabs are now much less powerful, it should take about 4-5 stabs to kill someone instead of the 2-3 we see in regular ww2.

New stuff :
-Blitzkrieg map : A big desert with swamps and craters to hide in.
-Flamer : A fairly decent medium range unit with a powerful flamethrower. Can also throw incendiary grenades and shoot
with a pistol.
-Shotgun : The best close range unit. Also carries gas grenade.
-Suicide bombers : Works like a wight except they wont lower your dmg. You can only deal positive damage with these :D
-Heavy machinegunner : A slower moving soldier carrying the mighty MG42. By pressing the inventory key you can deploy
the gun. When deployed, the soldier can't move but its accuracy is deadly...
-Marine : A powerful unit with an assault rifle. Can drop claymores and use flash grenades.
-Reworked version of the bridge map. Now includes the new units and a modified unit set in both s2 and carnage.
-Also included is a patrol style unit set where difficulty changes the number of units. Enable UT for this.

Axis vs Allies Expansion Tagset will work on the old Mappack(Specialist, Recon and winter recon)
It will also work on normal myth maps.

Axis vs Allies Expansion Mappack will NOT work with the old Tagset.

Thanks mainly to Limes, Lemons, Wismuth, Browning and Dark Sentry for the help they brought when testing this.

Another big thank you to everyone who's got their name in the soldier's name.

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