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Intro : Welcome back soldier! Three years after the release of the first version of Axis vs Allies, I am proud to present
you the sequel to one of the most innovative ww2 creation ever. This new version features 3 different maps with a total
of 13 meshes. 7 New units based on Santa's soldiers and naturally, great gameplay that feels just like our favorite plugin, ww2.

Units :

Soldier: Just like your normal ww2 unit. This one carries RPGs and grenades. T clicking with full mana will use RPGs
(which can still be zooked) and with 40% mana your soldier will throw grenades.

Heavy Demolition : Carrying a strong one shot rifle, the heavy demolition also has a bazooka(use with full mana) and
a grenade launcher attached to his rifle(50% mana)

Spy : Almost invisible when immobile, the spy's main weapon is a silenced pistol. Is special is a sniper rifle that can
inflict major damage on one target.(100% mana)

Engineer : The engineer is your close range fighter with a very strong sub machine gun. By T clicking yourself, you can
drop a few mines on the ground(100% mana) and by T clicking your enemies, the engineer will launch a mortar high
in the air.(50% mana)

Medic : Using only a pistol as its main weapon, the medic's true power lies in its ability to fully heal his teammates.(100% mana)

Field Ops : The true power of your squad is in the hand of the field op. Field Ops have the ability to call down airstrikes
by T clicking an area inside the field op's field of view.(100% mana)

Maps :

Specialist : The original map from Axis vs Allies. Made by Ozone, this map is the perfect place for pure demolition.
Meshes featured:
-Elimination with trading where you can choose your unit class.
-Adaptive Patrol, random units AND number of units will be given based on the amount of players ingame.
For example, in a 4v4, there will be 4 units on each side. NO difficulty level adjustment
needed! This can go up to 8v8!
-S-2, About 20 units and 1 cannon for an intense battle.
-Carnage, About 40 units and 2 cannons for total carnage!

Recon : The WW2 classic. If you don't know this map, you probably downloaded this by mistake ;)
Meshes featured:
-Elim, Heavy Demolition unit only. Have fun blowing yourselves up with bazookas and grenades.
-Patrol, good old recon played with 1 soldier, 1 hvy demolition and 1 field op.
-Adaptive patrol, adaptive teams, once again. Up to 8v8.
-S-2, A special s-2 where there are only soldiers, medics and spies.
-Carnage, 3 units of each class for a game where there are more explosions than bullets.

Winter Recon : The WW2 during winter! Map originally made by Sk8er4life. Swamps are frozen, plain is full of snow, perfect places
blowing people up.
Meshes featured:
-Elim, using the standard soldier, this looks like the good old elim.
-Patrol, 1 soldier, 1 spy and 1 engineer is a good mix for an explosive fight.
-Adaptive patrol, again, random units. Up to 8v8.
-S-2, A little of each classes for a strategic and explosive battle.

Credits :
Many thanks to Ozone for the fabulous map, without it, Axis vs Allies would not be the same.
Many thanks to Santa's Head for WW2.
Many thanks to Sk8er4life for Winter Recon map.
Many thanks to all my betatesters, your name shall be remembered. You might see it on your soldier's name :)
To my two main betatesters, Mate and Wismuth for endless hours of testing, bitching at how ww2 sucks and how they can't dodge.
To the idiot collective for listening to all my ranting about how AvA kicks ass :)
To all the WW2 players who will actually play at least one game of this :)
To bungie for our favorite game.
To hl.uDogs.net for hosting the file.

If you wish to use my units in your map, do not be afraid to tell me, I will never refuse and will probably beta test too :)


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