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Welcome back soldier!

Axis vs Allies 1.0 was not enough for you? You were missing your stabs? The hills were too high for your soldiers? The submachine guns kept transforming you into swiss cheese? Fear not! Grab your shotgun and go hunt some nazis! (or some allies!)

This new version of the very popular Axis vs Allies fixes many problems.

What's new!?:


What's changed?!:
-Complete new models for the bunker, bridge and barricades!
-Prettier colormap.
-Smaller number of meshes to reduce chat lag. Number of units determined by difficulty level. Read below for instructions.
-SMG will rape you, but a little less :)
-Infantry is more accurate.
-Lee-enfield shoots a little faster.
-The mesh was smoothed, less rpg/nade bugs and hill bugs (which is not a bug by the way).
-Added a lot of gametypes to all the meshes.

Meshes :

S2 :
Lots of units.
Assassin unit : Tank

Carnage :
Timid : A lot of basic infantry, riflemen and lee-enfields
Simple : Add SMGs
Normal : Add 1 cannon, 6 bazookas
Heroic : Add 2 cannons, 5 snipers and 2 tanks
Legendary : Add one tank

Scout/Patrol/Squad/Platoon/ are now in one single mesh.
Timid : 2 infantries
Simple : 2 infantries / 1 lee-enfield (Mosin Nagant)
Normal : 2 infantries / 1 lee-enfield / 1 rifleman
Heroic : 2 infantries / 1 lee-enfield / 1 rifleman / 1 SMG
Legendary : 2 infantries / 1 lee-enfield / 1 rifleman / 1 SMG / Shotgun

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