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Avatars Read-me

In this plug-in it contains four units created on the same collection. The collection is the one for the old Alric or the Alric from Myth TFL.

The five units are five of the avatars based from The Great War
in Myth TFL.

First there's Maeldun,
Then Mazzarin,
Next it's Cu Roi,
Then it's Murgen.
And the last one is Rabican

Each Avatar has their own unique/bizzare ability.
It goes as follows:
Maeldun- Cannon Ball Dream
Mazzarin- Mandrake Root Dream
Cu Roi- Wightball Dream
Murgen- Fireball Dream
Rabican- Lightning Bolt Dream

To use these units on yer maps just simply disassemble the plugin into
yer local folder by using a Tag Extracter.
If you don't have one go to www.theresistance.com for a tag extracter.

And thanks for downloading.
True Peril

This plugin was made by True Peril using Bunige's Fear and Loathing.
Copyright 1997-2000 in whole or part Bunige Software Products

P.S. There is no need to contact me in permission of using these
units. Just knock yourself out. =O

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