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This is a repackaging/tweak of the excellent "Around the Bend M2" for Myth II
created by KVLtv of the OWL order. I've included the original readme files in
their own folder within this archive.

We've rediscovered this map recently but were frustrated that we couldn't get
RDF 5.1 to play properly on it due to two reasons: (1) The fir'bolg used are
the same units used in the Magma TFL Solo campaign, and thus won't convert
properly; (2) The only 2-team map is Light vs. Dark, which converted in such
a way as to give one team a huge advantage.

As per a request by Two Saks, I've created a duplicate of "Around the Bend"
(the FFA-4 map) that gives you more RD's and less melee when using any of the
RDF Unit Sets - I call it simply: "Around the Bend (RDF)".

TS' original request was to play Mondo Madness as a close-quarters fight in
the little village, so in addition, I've created a 2-start version of this
same map so both teams start in opposite corners: "Street Fight (RDF)".

I've also converted the Fir'bolg units on *all* the maps so they convert
properly with RDF at all times. Other than this minor modification, all the
original maps are intact in this plugin.

Again: 100% of the creation credit for this plugin goes to KVLtv - I simply
wanted to make this excellent map playable with RDF so we can play it much
more often.

Enjoy!! :D

Dedicated to the Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak
Last Updated: 2005/12/14

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