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In the Crypt of Arianna V1.0

An Idiot Mapmaking Collective production.

This plug-in offers 7 meshes, many new units, and a gameplay that is to par with the idiot mapmaking standard.

Anticamp: on lmoth, at intervals key to storming the flag last minute, the mesh becomes vengeful, and makes it costly to do so.
Runes: at the beginning of the game, on legendary difficulty only, invisible (mostly) rune-bombs are distributed randomly across the floor of the map. This makes any kind of attempt at storming through the map difficult; it offers a different gameplay. For unavoidable errors, this feature was removed from body count game types and is not available on the Canaille because the added collections would cause myth to crash.

The meshes:
1. Light: this is a classic light mesh, with an anticamp script for lmoth and the use of the penguin unit.
2. Darkness: this is a classic dark mesh; Trow, Berserks... that sort of thing. I tossed in an anticamp script for good measure.
3. Modified Dark: this is a strange mesh, made interesting by the strange unit combinations; forest giant, salamander, Dwarven heroes, stygian knights, and more, this mesh offers no easy way to kill any unit without a high price in taking it. Once again, the anticamp script is present.
4. Sluggy: a basic slugfest map; dwarves, journeymen, thrall, penguins. Anticamp is also present.
5. The Canaille: a bunch of units that have no business being near each other. This mesh features the air elementals, golems, goblins, penguins and a few Bungie units tossed in to keep things somewhat normal. Anticamp is present, but the legendary Runes not.
6. Bloodstone: TFL Dorfs are brutally ugly, we all know that... well, they still are, and further, they're bizarre. In this dodgeball style map, you may find that you can manage one dwarf well, but it takes some talent to keep all 3 (4 on legendary) of your TFL uglies alive. The KotH script removes players from the mesh temporarily, and the lmoth script is the same as on all the other meshes. A bloodstone style runefield was set up, but could only be run on a supercomputer, it was too projectile intensive for most of the testers. There is no runefield either.
7. Spectres in the Crypt: this is the reason that the project was held back for so long. Time and time again I hit bug after bug, and after 2.5 months of troubleshooting, I have finally fixed every single one that we have found (whew).

The new units:
1. Goblin: a maul like unit in many ways, except the goblin is more fragile.
2. Golem: a Trow unit in many ways, only the golem is more reactive upon death.
3. Salamander: this is a warlock like unit in many ways.. its special is a fire-blast, its normal attack is a fairly ineffective tailwhip.
4. Air Elemental: another warlock like unit, only based upon air magic (tempest for special, punch for normal)
5. Penguins: a much more insidious unit than the wight that it replaces (it is not seen on the overhead, and moves faster, however, it does not explode when it dies, only when it suicides. This unit also has a smaller blast radius and lesser damage).
Units previously used:
6. Mormith's forest giant, Chimera bonemen, and the bloodstone warrior

Korgath: Colormap, Multiplayer Scripting, new unit animation, modeling, and some Ambering, Fear, Loathing, Story, Solo Scripting, Overhead, Pregames/Postgames, Audio, Blametaker and h00rmeister.
Demosthenes: Fear, Amber, Humor, Idea Man.
Elijah: Some solo scripting

Special thanks to:
Beta testers: Inferno, Malek, Macros (Balinor/Miltiades), Mazrim Taim, Giant and all the before mentioned mapmakers
Musicians: Apocaliptica, for their cello quartet.

The Idiot Mapmaking Collective recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie"). All appropriate graphics (c) 1997-2001, All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of the Software made with Fear and/or Loathing and/or other Bungie products, tools or generally published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use of those software products. Speak the h00r's name, and he shall appear. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear, and Loathing (c) 1996-2001. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.

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