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Archer Patrol v 1.0

Created by Mean Chicken (Brian Luff)

Archer Patrol is a unique map with several different features that you,
the gamer, should be made aware of. First off... the units - they
may look like ordinary bowmen but they sure aren't! Their primary
attack works the same as the gun attack - except instead of bullets,
there are bullet fast arrows! The special ability attack is where
the fun comes in :) First off... this attack requires a lot of skill
and aiming to master (MUCH like the rpg in WW2). Each Composite Bowman
starts out with 3 MA's (Mykridian Arrows). When these arrows hit the
ground a large burst of Mykridian acorns is shot out and a small
explosion that follows sends the explosive acorns rapidly and radially
outward. Now here is where the aiming comes in. If the MA is shot
on flat terrain then the acorn burst will land approximately eight
feet past where the MA was told to land. If the MA uses 'control'
attack and the MA lands on a sloped surface, then the acorn blast
will spread out radially in the opposite direction of the slope. The
slightest bump in the terrain can alter the course of the blast.
This takes a lot of practice but we all know how hard it was to get
use to rpgs :). One last thing - on timid difficulty each team only
gets one unit, on simple there are 2, on normal each gets 3, on heroic
each gets 4, and on legendary each team gets 5 units. Enjoy!

Oh BTW ...the map was designed to have specific plains, hills, and
other familiar areas...dunno where i came up with that idea ;P


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