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Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's
Fear and Loathing by :

Antarctica version 1.1

This is a large map that I made after I was unable to bomb anybody
using the walking explosive Wight. The map is covered mostly in icy
water with trails of shallow water connecting everywhere.
It was carefully done and tested on a two computer network.
But if neccessary I will improve it later.

Colormap Size =1792 x 1792 pixels
Game types = All multiplayers games are available. Up to 4 players

All units are remain unmodified, except for the netgame targets such as
Alric and Big Myrkridia, their special abilities are off.
The game play is 100% classic MythII style, with Wight being one of the most feared
unit in the game.

3 variants with different game plays.

(1)Raging Water
(2)Roaring Wind
(3)Burning Snow

By adjusting the difficulty levels you can change the numbers of units available.
But I made it simple so there are only 3 settings,
Timid = Absolutely no Wights whatsoever.
Simple to Heroic are the same.
Legendary always give you one extra Wight (in the case of Burning Snow, a Warlock as well).

Download from here Only 3 Megs, Zipped. If anyone want a different format, e-mail me.

Final note:
I like MythII a lot and dowloaded most of the popular maps on the net, these are excellent plugins
which gave me the inspirations for my own creation.
Antarctica is my second and last attempt on MythII mapmaking. Although my first one was alright, its
likely that I would never make it public, mainly because it has been done before hence there is no need
to cluster the net with another similar one.

I made Antarctica to be played differently from any map that I've seen and played, at least this was my intention.
To add more variety to the game play and prolonging the playability of this cool game called MythII.

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