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Version v1.4

Animal Farm is a small but highly detailed 4-start map set someplace familiar.

The action is very different from other, sprawled maps, and more like the
hill in 'I'll Dance On Your Grave'.
The mode of engagement is atypical --- the terrain is small and thick with
scenery, your units are few and the Warlock takes on a defensive role.

Try the different gametypes, and see if you can find all the easter eggs.

Legendary: gives fire-arrows to the archers
Simple: removes the Warlock Apprentice
Timid: removes the Warlock Apprentice and the Dwarf

Animal Farm has support for vTFL.

You may use the Warlock Apprentice unit in your own maps.

in whole or in part Take2 Interactive. Created with Bungie's Fear & Loathing.

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