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Ambush Inn ReadMe.txt

The Folder:

Add the tags to your Myth II: Soulblighter local folder in their appropriate folders. Feel free to use it on any map you make. Just add the model "ambush_inn" from the add model menu in Loathing and place it on your map.

Thanks To:

Loshadh for originally figuring out the mode & geom tags, and KillSwitch (eldersanders@hotmail.com) for deciphering what Lodash had figured out. Again KillSwitch for taking the time to share his discovery and his technique to implement it into Myth II: Soulblighter.

Special Thanks For:

Myth: The Fallen Lords
Myth II: Soulblighter
Copyright (c) 1997-98 Bungie Software Products Corporation

Amber 2.0 beta 5 by Vodi (vodi@online.no)
Copyright (c) 1998-99 Hans Hvidsten Birkeland

Mythed 1.0a2
Copyright (c)1998, @soft created by Slava Karpenko and Eduard Ginzburg

HexEdit v 1.0.7
Copyright (c) 1993 Jim Bumgardner

Head Edit 1.0
Copyright (c)1998-99 Chris Dreessen, Badlands

You are meant to use this free of charge. The Ambush Inn from Myth: The Fallen Lords was ported by me (KVLtv), and you may use it on any map you edit, free of charge. Be sure that if you do use the Ambush Inn, you don't forget where you found it. Everything contained in this local folder is Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Have Fun!!

KVLtv (kvltv@balinsbar.com)

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