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Alric vs. Soulblighter II, for Myth II: Soulblighter.
Version 1.0, general release.

Game Types: Body Count, Last Man on the Hill, Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, Captures, Flag Rally, Territories, and Assassin.

Game Units by team:

Alric's Team:
Alric, Berserks, Bowman, Dwarven Heroes, Forest Giants, Heron Guard, Heron Guard Hero, Journeymen, and Warriors.

Soulblighter's Team:
Barons, Bre' Unor, Fetch, Forest Giants, Myrkridia, Soulblighter, Soulless, Warlock Heroes, and Wights.


I would like to thank GodzFire (email: godzfire5@g2a.net) for allowing me to use his port of the Forest Giant on Alric vs. Soulblighter II.


The idea to create this map was inspired by a similar map/plugin for Myth: The Fallen Lords.

Soulblighter has five Dark Charms, which are his special ability. Use these to wreak havoc on the opposing team.

Alric has three Energon (Dispersal) cubes.

Dwarven Heroes can throw flaming satchels at the enemy as their special ability. Each dwarf starts with eight but if you find a satchel laying around it can be picked up and thrown. The dwarf's satchel throw has a longer range than the primary attack (molotov cocktail).

When you play Flag Rally there will be more or less flags depending on the difficulty setting.

Barons only appear on Assassin and have a mana bar. There only defense is stun nearby units.
One Baron holds Alric's Lightening Sword, if this Baron dies he will drop the sword and Alric may then be able to pick it up.

On Assassin, Soulblighter moves much slower.

For further tips I suggest you read the "Level Tips" in the game, they will be quite useful to you.

Place "Alric vs. Soulblighter II" in your plugin folder.

Have Fun!
Crow's Bridge Map Makers


Thank you's go out to Ghost Wheel for testing an early beta and also to the whole LOP/PPK Team!


Version 1.0 general release
Beta 1.0

If you find any bugs please email me about the problem.

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Do Not use GodzFire's Forest Giant port without consent.
Do Have Fun!

"Alric vs. Soulblighter II" IS NOT GUARANTEED to be free of errors which may crash your computer or cause other computer related maladies. I have tested "Alric vs. Soulblighter II" many times and no adverse side effects have at this time been noted.

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