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Rohan's "Leggo Airships" ~ Pluginized and Mod'd by Baak

Dedicated to the Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak.
Last Updated: 2005/10/27


The Airship from Rohan's insanely excellent "Leggo My Myth" map is such a cool
unit that I decided we just *had* to have it as a standalone plugin. And after
extracting Soma's ultra-fun Trebuchet (see the OoH Downloads) and making it
substitute for Trow, Myrk Giants, Cannons, and Barons, I decided the Airship
should be done similarly.

Alas, after the first try I instantly realized why the Airship wasn't included
in the "Leggo III Solo Tagset". Flying units must be placed *manually* in the
"flying" position on each and every map in which they appear. :: sigh ::

Then I remembered Project Magma included all these great flags in the 1.5.x
Patch for Myth II... Muhahahahahaaa... Thanks, Magma! ;D


After some initial playtesting I realized the Airship as the Baron assassin
target might be a little tough, and wondered what a Giant wind-up Duck would
be like, with all the scaled body parts and sounds (like I've done for Rocket
Dorf Fest). Then I thought various ambient Ducks would be cool, especially if
they were smaller and colored appropriately for the various ambient units
(chickens, deer, etc.). Then I thought an exploding Duck Bomb as the Wolf
stampede units on "If I had a Trow" might be fun. And what if the Duck Bombs
went underwater and were invisible on the overhead? Why not substitute these
for Wights while we're at it...

So after a *TON* of Duck Tweakage I believe we've ended up with an extremely
well-balanced - and in my opinion extremely fun and FUNNY - unit from the
origins of the Leggo conversion that was imo highly underused.

I think you'll enjoy them. BTW, I also modified them so they Taunt! ;)


After the first round of serious play-testing with the Order of H'Pak, I soon
realized that making a "set" of conversion plugins for the Airship such that
you could mix and match them to substitute various units would be SWEEEEET!!

Since they are formidable units only certain substitutions would work, but
having the variety would make them work on tons of maps (we play LOTS of 3rd
party maps). Thus, for each Airship plugin you make active you will get the
Airship unit for the unit type listed in parens, as follows:

With this plugin active: You get Airships instead of:

~~ Airships (archers) ==> Bowmen (non-Heroes), bre'Unor, fir'Bolg
~~ Airships (barons) ==> Baron units - great for assassin games!
~~ Airships (big+can) ==> "Big" units - Trow, Myrk Giants, plus Cannons
~~ Airships (dorfs) ==> Just about every Dorf unit there is
~~ Airships (fetch) ==> You guessed it - Fetch
~~ Airships (warlocks) ==> All but Warlock Heroes (they're in big+can)
~~ Airships (wights) ==> Wights (instead of being converted to Duck Bombs)
~~ Giant Duck Barons ==> Converts Barons to Giant Ducks! Great on Gimble!

NOTE: The (barons) plugin converts the unit on the solo level "The Baron", but
it probably won't work properly. I convert this unit for those 3rd party
maps that use this baron unit by mistake. (big+can) currently includes
Archer Heroes and Warlock Heroes as well, since they are somewhat rare.
The Giant Duck Barons were originally part of the single Airships plugin
but I decided you might want Airships for Barons after all and thus the
separation. You can, of course, combine Giant Duck Barons with any of
the non-(barons) plugins to get Airships plus the Giant Duck target. ;)

I've included *many* 3rd party units in these conversions, including Forest
Giants and lots of Cannon variations in the (big+can) plugin.


--> "Leggo Airships" can safely be combined with "Leggo III Solo tagset"
and/or all the "Trebuchet" plugins - in fact, it is *designed* this way!


--> Combine as many Airships plugins as you like in any way you like!

--> Some tiny tweaks to make them even better than the original!

--> You DO NOT need the Leggo III Solo tagset to use Airships or Giant Ducks,
they are all *stand-alone* plugins!

--> When combined with "Leggo III Solo tagset", "Leggo Airships" fixes some
minor JarJar-related ambient unit bugs, gives you my ambient mini-Ducks,
and substitutes the Duck Bomb for Wights (instead of JarJar).

Combining Airships with the Trebuchets plugin is insanely fun! You can kill
Airships with a Trebuchet, but you've got to be good. I also modified the
Trebuchet slightly to allow the Airship to attack them properly as well. :)


Two Saks (one of the Members of the OoH) played some co-op with these plugins
and I thought this was brilliant. In fact, this led to some of the best tweaks
I've added. The (archers) plugin included in the set is meant *primarily* for
co-op games (although you can certainly use it on multiplayer - it just might
be a bit too many Airships). Try playing "The Great Library" like so:

~~ Trebuchets (dorfs)
~~ Airships (archers)
~~ Airships (fetch)



In closing, I want to thank Rohan (and anyone else involved) for creating what
I consider to be one of the most creative and extremely cool total conversions
for Myth - Leggo! :D

I attempted to contact Rohan directly, but alas was unable to do so... :(

As always, a Very Special Thanks to the Members and Special Guests of the OoH,
for *extensive* play-testing and years of good times!

Also, I've included the original Airship instructions below.

Enjoy!! :D

P.S. Be sure to try Trebuchets with the Leggo Airships plugin!

The Original Airship instructions from the "Leggo My Myth" readme:


Main attack: Small bomb, play this like a dwarf on a pole.

Special Attack: Bomb Drop, you get 1 Big Bomb to drop on the enemies
you sneak up on. This is a major weapon, and can take
out a large group in 1 shot.

[Baak's Note: When you press T it drops - no ctrl-click]

Anti-blimp attack: To fend off other blimps your airship has air to air
missiles. These are not heat seeking, and can be
dodged if you know they're coming at you.
Notice I said "can" and not "easily".
(Note: to fire the missiles click on the enemy blimp,
you cannot attack a spot in the air)

Notes: If you at the end of a battle only have your blimp and your
opponent only has his melee, you're looking real good.
Unless it's terries or another game that makes you cover land.

Special Note: Airships DO NOT SHOW ON THE OVERHEAD. This means that you
have to watch out for them! They can sneak up on you. On
the upside however, this means you can sneak up on them.



This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.

Change Log: 2005/05/14 - v0.7 - First Version
2005/05/25 - v0.8 - Multiple Plugins
2005/05/31 - v0.9 - Multi-plugin with extra mods
2005/06/30 - v0.a - Pre-release tweaks
2005/07/15 - v0.b - Pre-release tweaks (final iteration)
2005/07/20 - v1.0 - First Release Version
2005/08/06 - v1.1 - Added ability to move over "Flying Impassable"
2005/09/23 - v2.0 - Added "Missile Attack Not Height Affected" fix
& a true occasional dud for the T-attack BOMB!
2005/10/27 - v2.1 - Removed the version number for final release

Baak can be found playing Myth II with his Order of H'Pak (~OoH~) order mates
on PlayMyth.net, or at www.orderofhpak.com (join the OoH Forums!)

Changes from the original unit(s) by Rohan; "Duck Bomb"; "Giant Duck Baron";
unique combination of settings that makeup this modified plugin; new material;
new names/flavors; any and all new documentation (including this readme) are:
Copyright (C)2005 Baak'lor Studios (aka W.Crosby). All Rights Reserved.

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