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After the file has been unstuffed simply locate the file named "A whisper v1.0" and move it to the Plugins folder inside your Myth II directory. Then simply load up a multiplayer game and select one of the six meshes in the list

A Whisper in your ear
A 4 team mesh which ranges from a simple FFA unit selection on Timid difficulty to a large two or three person team on Legendary

A Bellow in your ear
The dark variant of A Whisper in your ear

A Whisper in thy ear
An 8 start FFA mesh with tiny squads with 1 possible dwarven pathfinder who is invisible to the enemy (but only slightly transparent for you)

A curse upon your ears
A dark variant of A Whisper in thy ear

A giant in your ear
A 16 start mesh where every team has 1 Myrkridian Giant, even on CTF or assasin making for some interesting gameplay!

If I had a whisper
A two team mesh with gigantic armies, one light and one dark. The light is led by a pure mage who is a powerful wizard who can heal within a blast radius (or kill undead). The Necromancer is able to raise the dead

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Myth : The Fallen Lords and Myth II : Soulblighter are copyright in part or in whole Take 2 Interactive 2002 (and onwards). This plug-in was created using Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Haravikk. Any improper use of and/or release of edited materials based on this plug-in is strictly forbidden without the prior consent of Haravikk. This plug-in may be freely distributed on any non-profit medium (free internet sites) as long as the read me and corresponding files are also included

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