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A Very Idiot Christmas

This map started as a simple winter version of Badlands, but being the holiday season and all, we decided to go all out and make a nifty Christmas mesh to get you into the spirit of things.

Features include:

New units, including Penguins, Snowmen, and snowball throwing Dwarves.

New Scenery, like Santa's Sleigh, Christmas Trees, and new christmassy netflags.

New Sounds, such as ambiant background music, Winter Wonderland.

And because I know that this mesh will be a kick for a while and then get old, we have a normal non-christmasy mesh, Frost on the Badlands. It has cool stuff like Forrest Giants and other goodies.

Thanks to:

Korgath, for the Snowman, Christmas Pole, and Penguin

Giant, for the Christmas Tree, Sled and various colormap retouches

Escapist, and Kalypso for origianl models

InMyHead, for original snowball inspiration

Inferno, Capn Trips, and various members of ~Idiot~, for beta testing.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, ect ect!

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