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A Very Idiot Christmas Anywhere (v1.1)

Original Plugin by the Idiot Mapmaking Collective:
"A Very Idiot Christmas" (2000-12-19)
Redux and Anywhere Plugin by Baak (OoH)

Last Updated: 2007-12-28
Requires Myth II Patch 1.6 or greater to play

Since the "A Very Idiot Halloween - Anywhere" plugin proved quite popular and
we are fast approaching the seven year anniversary of the Idiot Mapmaking
Collective's "A Very Idiot Christmas" map, I decided to take a snowy Sunday
to bring you "A Very Idiot Christmas - Anywhere"

Designed with special care to preserve everything possible from the original
conversion, plus all the extra details and surprises you've come to expect
from the Anywhere series, AVIC/AW lets you play the conversion on hundreds of
multiplayer maps, converting almost 500 units and removing "excess" units so
you have a nice small fighting force.

Just make it Active and start tossing those snowballs!!

Enhancements in v1.1:

* Snowball Dorfs now use a much more realistic snowball fight combat style
based on my RDF Mondos: Normal attack is closer and longer ranged low-arc
throw, Double-click attack is lobbed, Special is one "Iceball" that does
more damage. All snowballs/iceballs have variable damage for more fun.

* Snowball Dorfs and Snowmen now move faster (like RDF) so you don't have
to spend so much time walking around.

* Velocity Maps took up the idea of a set of winter maps and created the
"Winter Map Pack" (http://tain.totalcodex.net/items/show/winter-map-pack)
which supercedes the "Snowy Maps" plugin formerly included in this zip.

Features in v1.0 and beyond:

* Snowmen are now a little more interesting with a Killer Snowman who can
attack, has a better hit point spread, uses extra Myth II 1.4+ settings,
and a fixed death sequence

* Netgame balls (other than Scavenger Hunt) are added (there were none on
the original map) and are a Snowman Head! Like the Snowman unit it is
tricky to tell who owns it!

* AVIC Netgame flags (the North Pole style) are used wherever possible
(Flag Rally uses regular Myth II flags)

* Penguins are tweaked and used most often for Stampede units. Remember
these guys can swim but are not so good on steep/sloped terrain

* Snowmen Assassin targets can sometimes fight back
(if they are Killer Snowmen)

* Ambient units, sounds (yep, the song!), and extra AVIC scenery are
sprinkled throughout

Because of the nature of converting so many varied units and removing "excess"
units, you may find one or two third-party maps that won't convert well. This
is mighty rare, but if you find one please let me know about it.

Thanks again to the **Idiot Mapmaking Collective** for creating the original
inspired map/conversion.

I hope this plugin will let you enjoy it that much more.

***Happy Holidays!! :D***

Please post any questions/feedback in the OoH Forums:
http://www.orderofhpak.com/forums/ "OoH Feedback/Support" section - Thanks!

-Baak (OoH)



NOTE: I have been unable to find the original AVIC map readme.
If anyone has it, please let me know on the OoH Forums.
That's also the place for feedback/comments. Thanks! :)

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