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A Very Idiot Christmas Anywhere (v1.0)

Original Plugin by the Idiot Mapmaking Collective:
"A Very Idiot Christmas" (2000-12-19)
Redux and Anywhere Plugin by Baak (OoH)

Last Updated: 2007-12-02
Requires Myth II Patch 1.6 or greater to play

Since the "A Very Idiot Halloween - Anywhere" plugin proved quite popular and
we are fast approaching the seven year anniversary of the Idiot Mapmaking
Collective's "A Very Idiot Christmas" map, I decided to take a snowy Sunday
to bring you "A Very Idiot Christmas - Anywhere"

Designed with special care to preserve everything possible from the original
conversion, plus all the extra details and surprises you've come to expect
from the Anywhere series, AVIC-A lets you play the conversion on hundreds of
multiplayer maps, converting almost 500 units and removing "excess" units so
you have a nice small fighting force.

Just make it Active and start tossing those snowballs!!

* Snowmen are now a little more interesting with a Killer Snowman who can
attack, has a better hit point spread, uses extra Myth II 1.4+ settings,
and a fixed death sequence

* Netgame balls (other than Scavenger Hunt) are added (there were none on
the original map) and are a Snowman Head! Like the Snowman unit it is
tricky to tell who owns it!

* AVIC Netgame flags (the North Pole style) are used wherever possible
(Flag Rally uses regular Myth II flags)

* Penguins are tweaked and used most often for Stampede units. Remember
these guys can swim but are not so good on steep/sloped terrain

* Snowmen Assassin targets can sometimes fight back
(if they are Killer Snowmen)

* Ambient units, sounds (yep, the song!), and extra AVIC scenery are
sprinkled throughout

* Play with the included Snowy Maps plugin to get snow on Myth II Standard
maps (you need to scroll down to see the *-prefixed map names in blue -
those will have snow!)

Because of the nature of converting so many varied units and removing "excess"
units, you may find one or two third-party maps that won't convert well. This
is mighty rare, but if you find one please let me know about it.

Thanks again to the **Idiot Mapmaking Collective** for creating the original
inspired map/conversion.

I hope this plugin will let you enjoy it that much more.

***Happy Holidays!! :D***

Please post any questions/feedback in the OoH Forums:
http://www.orderofhpak.com/forums/ "OoH Feedback/Support" section - Thanks!

-Baak (OoH)



NOTE: I have been unable to find the original AVIC map readme.
If anyone has it, please let me know on the OoH Forums.
That's also the place for feedback/comments. Thanks! :)

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