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A Ripple in Time - a plugin by Captain Pringle

E-mail me at Captain_Pringle@yahoo.com with comments, suggestions, questions, or anything you want to talk to me about.

Thanks for downloading A Ripple in Time. This plugin includes:

Four Meshes (each with its own color map): Swirls of Reality (light mesh), A Ripple in Time (dark mesh), Tides of Darkness (really dark mesh), Twilight Lagoon (in my opinion, the best map out of these four) and this readme.

Simply move this plugin file into you plugins folder and enjoy.

Each map has every game type.

- Deciever's Apprentice unit (basically a Deciever without mind control and he walks faster) by Captain Pringle (thats me!).
- Fir'Bolg unit (like archer without fire arrow) from Iller
- Sheep unit by Vista - visit their website at http://vista.i-craft.net or e-mail them at klicco@ihug.co.nz
- Everything else by Captain Pringle (me again)!

Thanks for reading! Look for me, Captain Pringle, on Bungie.net if you want to play me. If you have time, could you give me suggestions for my next release of this plugin. Thank you.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation

THE END!! Enjoy!!

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