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Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Lord Brocktree, Silverblade3@hotmail.com

all copyrights belonging to photoshop, redwall, brian jacques, the long patrol, bungie, and salamandastron(and anyone else i forgot to mention) apply as they should... i am not here to infringe or profit from those rights, merely to have fun with their names

what kind of scheme this map was put towards?

All four of these maps are 4 team Free For All style (sorry to the 2 teamers out there... i just have no patience for it).

A Raid on Salamandastron: "The lights map" this map includes ghols, berzerk heroes, warriors, archers, dwarves, journeymen, and a warlock for assassin target... the stampede units are chickens, peasants, and squirrels, and the hunting units are pigs and hawks.

A Shadow on Salamandastron "the explosives map" This map includes thrall dwarves and journeymen... not much else here, it is more a map to take advantage of the slugfest style of myth. thrall are stampede units, wolves are the hunting targets, and the journeyman is the assassin target.

A Storm on Salamandastron:"The darks map" this map includes bre'unor, berzerks, warlocks, dwarven mortars, small myrkridia, a trow, and some varied peasants... the assassin target is a secret:)

Although it does not seen to work in netgames, i tried to make the volcano erupt... it just slows down the other computers too much and makes for an out of sync game... sorry, it's gone.

A Day on the Mountain: "the animals map" this map is all new units(sort of)...the hunting units and stampede units are peasants... the beast tamer is not present the hunting for ethical reasons... however, he gets to have all the fun he wants in the assassin level.
The Allied wolves are not much different from regular wolves... so nothing to explain there.
The Squirrels throw stones as their primary attack, and throw lots of stones as their special
The hawks drop "small brown eplosives" directly below them (they dont blow up right away) as their special, and less powerful explosives as their primaries (the primaries have more range and are more accurate.
The Beast tamer attacks weaker than a heron guard, but has a bit more armor, he is a bit slower too... oh, did i mention he can steal the opponent's animals?

if you see a bug in the map or know what would make the map better, please tell me about it.*

--Korgath, The Long Patrol**

* Silverblade3@hotmail.com
**Also Member of the Idiot Megalomaniac Order

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