; Mythgraveyard

A House Divided   v1.0
by Soulsbane

This is a network co-op map designed for 2 - 6 players.

It has over 120 map actions in it, comparable to Bungie's maps, with multiple encounters, heavily scripted opponents and a completely new mesh. The texture is derived from various textures in Great Devoid, Sons of Myrgard and some of my own stuff.

A House Divided is actually map three of a four map set which we hope may come to life in Myth II. In the meantime enjoy this totally new and wonderfully scripted co-op map.

This has been a labor of love for me, taking over 200 hours to complete and the help of countless individuals. Many thanks to Kris Amico ("Roy Batty"), John Kornhous ('Zarquon") and Eli Curtz for their wonderful map editing tools without which this map could not be made. Thanks to Santa's Head for the wonderful pregame pic, and to Poodle King for all the writing for this level (seen and unseen). Thanks to Fuel and Fire Chief for helping me with all things .256. And finally, thanks to CP and CB for playtesting and giving much needed feedback.

HOW TO RUN FOR THE FIRST TIME: Hold down the space bar while checking the solo checkbox to get A House Divided to appear in the list for the first time. From then on it should appear in your list automatically.

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