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==============A Gambler's Heart=================
====A Multiplayer-Only (GASP) Map by Creation=====

:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. Overview
:::: 2. Info on the Various Meshes
:::: 3. Credits
:::: 4. Legal
:::: 5. Contact info

:::: Overview

A Gambler's Heart is the first Creation multiplayer-only release. Conceived and created in the dark and sinister mind of Clem, Gamblers is a symmetrical map that makes use of elevation differences taken to the extreme. The ledges and hills provide ample routes to connect the various chasms and of course great spots to shoot from. Control of this beautiful and deadly terrain is essential.

The map promotes fierce combat, with all paths leading more or less towards an enemy... the main routes going straight to the center.

The eye candy is also spectacular, with custom scenery to compliment the environment as no other scenery could. The new fir'Bolg units are a blast to use.

:::: Info on the Various Meshes

Gambler's Heart comes with four multiplayer meshes. The following gives information about the units you can get, (x/y). X is the number you start with and Y is the maximum you can trade for, other information provided as needed...

This is essentially Creation's first dedicated FFA map. The armies are small enough to be controlled by one person, but up to three per team can play and enjoy it.

Each mesh has four starts.

::1:: A Gambler's Heart

A Gambler's Heart comes with some of the Legend of Gor-Ash new units, the new fir'Bolg Archer, the fir'Bolg Huntsman, and the fir'Bolg Warrior. The archers are essentially the same, the huntsmen are fast, but relatively weak melee, and the warriors are slower but tougher and more aggressive melee fighters that can block. Archers and Warriors are three points, and Huntsmen are only one point.

This mesh is pretty unique because there is no artillary, no fire arrows, no magic. Its all bloody melee tactics.

Legend of Gor-Ash fir'Bolg (10/15)
fir'Bolg Warriors (6/10)
fir'Bolg Huntsmen (10/15)
Wolves (10/10)
Forest Giant (1/1)
Journeymen (2 untradable)
Mauls (6, Stampede units, delayed control)
Warlock Hero (1, Assassin target)

::2:: A Gambler's Quest

This mesh has a much larger force of classic Light units, so it may be best to get two people per team. One person can still control the army well though. The Thrall Elite from Acts of Piety returns here.

Bowmen (12/18)
Warriors (10/15)
Wights (2, untradable)
Thrall Elite (5/15)
Gh™ls (9/18))
Journeymen (1/2)
Stygian Knights (10/15)
Mortar Dwarves (1/2)
Dwarves (2/6)
Mauls (6, Assassin targets, delayed control)
Warlock Hero (1, Assassin target)

::3:: A Gambler's Scream

Evil units make their appearance here. Ball games were a favorite on this mesh, as Spiders and Soulless became the central focus.

Soulless (12/18)
Heron Guards (6/12)
Fetch (2/2)
Spiders (9/18)
Thrall Elite (15/25)
Stygian Knights (10/15)
Warlocks (2/4)
Dwarves (2/6)
Pigs (6, Stampede)
Baron (1, Assassin targets)

::4:: A Gambler's Strength

This is the TRO mesh. 'nuff said.

Actually, there is something else to be said... Play Assassin to get a Shade, complete with three Poppy Thinsª (Dispersal Dream) magic spells. But dont lose him!

Trow (1/1)
Brigands (10/18)
Bowmen (8/12)
Mortar Dwarves (4/6)
Heron Guard Heros (1/3)
Wights (2/2)
Gh™ls (6/8)
Stygian Knights (6, Stampede)
Shade (1, Assassin targets)

:::: Credits

Concept, Design, Colormap, Mesh, Layout: Clem
Legend of Gor-Ash fir'Bolg units: Cydonian
Documentation: Aresª

Made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, Vista's Amber, and Adobe Photoshop

:::: Legal

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

:::: Contact Info

e-mail Clem for questions and comments.

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