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A Deal With The Darkness
Created by Rifthead

Bring me his head.

His betrayal will not go unpunished. Take my armies to his stronghold, my child, and leave none alive. Your pack will be rewarded with the skulls of his followers and you shall feast upon their offspring. But his skull belongs to me. And you shall collect it for me.

Often I have watched as you have slaughtered our foes. You, among all the others have proven yourself most worthy of my mantle. You are my cleansing Scourge, my child, my clawed fist of vengeance and retribution.

Fear not death, nor sword, nor arrow, neither fire or explosive. Fear only failure. No one breaks a deal with me, for I am the darkness.


Rain spattered Gleepís helmet and face as he stared into the darkening sky.

"This storm isn't natural." Toady's voice was calm with fear and resignation. Gleep peered out as far as he could see. On a good day, the view from the castle walls exposed the land for miles around. Today was not a good day. He could barely see to the base of the stones, and the empty muddy ditch that should have been a moat.

A whiff of sulfur assaulted both men's noses. "Youíre right about that, mílad." Both mercenaries stood at weary attention as Diabhol, Lord of the Flame paced the length of the wall. He shook his head, with a wry grin full of gallows humor. "I'm beginning to think our little deal with the darkness wasn't such a wise choice."
"Are we going to die here?" Gleep asked plainly.
"Only if they kill us." Replied Diabhol, leaning on his staff, his robes dripping in the downpour.


Welcome to A Deal with the Darkness, the tale of a Faustian bargain gone horribly awry (as Faustian bargains are wont to do). Collect the devil's due as the forces of darkness, or tempt fate as a Warlock Lord and his Mercenary retinue beset by a poorly timed bout of conscience. In the tradition of the old Light vs Dark games from Myth of Old, each team is randomly assigned the dark or not as dark, and either besieges or defends a castle. The color map is based off of Bungie's solo level "Into the Breach", with a few special modifications. It's probably not balanced, but I hope you have as much fun with it as Iíve had.


The New Units:

The Good:
Mercenaries: Based on the brigands, but better trained. A little bit tougher than the average warrior, as most are veterans of numerous campaigns, and are motivated not by love of king or country but by surviving long enough to get their pay.

Mercenary Bowmen: What mercenaries are for warriors, these guys are for bowmen. Their special attack is a poisoned arrow that will paralyze an enemy for several seconds, usually just long enough for a hasty escape or to fire enough arrows to bring them down.

Warlock Lord: The man who double-crossed a demon. The Warlock lord is far from defenseless, however, and has plenty of resources at his disposal to make the Dark sing for their supper. His primary attack is a fireball that splits into six smaller fireballs, while his special is an extra large and extra hot ring of fire. Toasty. The Warlock lord is the target in assassin games.

The Bad:
Pack Mage: Myrkridian mages that have the power to raise the dead (hence the hoards of thrall), and also the ability to heal their fellow myrkridia with their special ability.

Myrkridian Hunter: Faster, younger, and weaker myrkridia, hunters make ideal scouts and skirmishers early on, though their fragile nature means they probably won't survive the night.

The Ugly:
Scourge, Favored Child of the Dark Gods: A walking plague of death and destruction. The biggest and baddest pack leader around, Scourge can take down almost anything in one on one combat, (and probably one on five combat too!) and can fling a giant ball of pus packets at anything that annoys him. In Assassin games, he ís the dark's target.

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