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Readme for A BURIED HOPE (written by Captain Pringle)

Thank you for downloading A Buried Hope. I think you will find it entertaining and I hope you enjoy it.

For more info (and awesome screenshots) of this map and my other maps, goto my Myth II website at http://fly.to/pringlemaps

Here are the details on the 4 meshes included in A Buried Hope (start/max):

A Buried Hope - 4 starts. 8/16 Warriors, 6/12 Archers, 4/8 Ghols, 3/6 Dwarves, 2/4 Heron Guards, 2/4 Fetch, and 0/1 Wight.

A Buried Desire - 4 starts. 12/24 Berskerks, 8/16 Myrkridia, 3/6 Fetch, 2/4 Dwarves, 1/1 Walock, and 1/1 Trow.

Buried Under (OverKiLL) - 2 starts. 30/42 Mauls, 20/40 Berkerk Heroes, 10/20 Archer Heroes, 10/20 Dwarven Heroes (with 99 satchels), 10 Journeymen (untradeable), 10 Wights (untradeable), 8/16 Warlock Heroes, 4/4 Mahir, 1 King (untradeable), 1 Shiver (untradeable).

A Buried Dwarf - 15 starts. Each team gets 1 to 8 Dwarven Heroes (with 99 satchels) depending on difficulty, as follows: Timid - 1, Simple - 2, Normal - 4, Heroic - 5, Legendary - 8.

Each of the four meshes has ALL game types except for Hunting and Stampede.

One thing.... if you play Deathmatch on Buried Under (OverKiLL), you run the risk of crashing the game. 99 satchels each dwarf, remember. Can you say "chain reaction?" ::crash::

You can e-mail me (Captain Pringle) about anything at Captain_Pringle@yahoo.com.
You can reach Orlando the Axe at GoldbergDB@aol.com.

ENJOY the map!! Don't forget to check out my Myth II website at http://fly.to/pringlemaps

If you want a game on this map, any of my other maps, any cool 3rd party map, or any map at all, my name on bungie.net is Captain Pringle. :) Find me.

* C R E D I T S *

Idea/Concept - Orlando the Axe

Colormap - Orlando the Axe

Height map - Orlando the Axe, Captain Pringle

Passablility map - Captain Pringle

Mesh variant ideas - Orlando the Axe

Loathing - Captain Pringle

Fearing - Captian Pringle, Orlando the Axe

Beta testing - Captain Pringle, Elijah of the Wizard's League

Help with bugs - lank

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Fear and Loathing by: Captain Pringle (Captain_Pringle@yahoo.com)

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