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ALIEN DARK TIDE Classic Maps version 1.2

the maps from the original release ADT, bugfixed and recompiled for use with the Tagset v1.3

hadleys hope now werx mb.
there is a KOTH flag on ryushi
Minor cosmetic details fixed.

5 maps with 2 extra variant meshes

into the hive/into the hive - SURVIVOR
lead foundry
hadleys hope
ryushi/ryushi - WARZONE
northwest outpost

download PLUGIN PATCHER from the mill or from www.vistacartel.com, and select your original "Alien - Dark Tide 1.0" plugin as the original plugin (either by drag-dropping or by browsing) . then select the "ADT 1.0 > maps only" patch as the patch file. click apply. Plugin Patcher will ask you for a filepath to save the new plugin (note that this procedure will not damage or delete your orininal copies of either the ADT 1.0 plugin or the patch file)

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Strangelet, strangelet@lineone.net

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Thanks to TMBM and friends, Joyeuse, Maul, Elijah, Bane, AB, Ton, Head, S.p.i.d.e.r. , True Peril, CaptainTrips, Wod, Sublime, Santashead and all others who helped (or think they helped but really just got in the way)

Shouts out to Sector, stegg, Mean Mister Mustard, Aphid, TwinBarrel, LockNLoad, earthtone 9, napalm death, kilkus and all others on the kingston band scene. even justin who i f**kin hate.

Desperates out to len, kris, all who supply the need and all who reap the rewards.
Specials to Katerina YOU CRAZY FOREIGNER, leonidas, venya, krista, nikos, antonios, and all the damn greeks in the camden embassy.

Triple shoutz to MC sonny, Billy RAM, denis and the dark city crew, mustang angie, neil, forrest and HI-lo from nomis studios. All at Triangle, EYE2EYE, BRIT and Pimlico. YesYes Y'all.

Lastly to mah Kin - DeadLock, Bionicpuppetgirl (x), Teleuteskitty, Cat, Amit, ChrisToffa, ed, seb, AlixAlix, MC sonny, Taz, Tigga, IronWill, All at the peel, all from the old school croo, monty, mirona, marco (yoghurrrrt), milan and joseph - the real life beavis and butthead, tom, james, all at Burntwood Girls School - we had you all.

Love Peace, Lock, Load, Game over and WE ARE LEAVING...

Strangelet x x x

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