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ADT - Port Eden


Port eden. a hive of scum and villainy. this map is based on the Jean Pierre Jeunet film, the City of Lost Children - i tried to get that decaying rusted maritime feel, and i hope it is to your liking. this map contains a total of nine new models, making up an entire cargo ship construction kit. if you wish to use any original material from this map, please drop me an email (see below) and ask nicely :)

ALL the ships are acessable to units - no minor feat for a novice modelmaker, and the map contains the limit of 128 models. its great for small skirmishes, although too many units in any one place can get in eachother's way (so no alien mobbing on this map, matey). ship to ship sniping and firefights are actively encouraged, and climbing on the cargo helps lengthen your range and strafe the small jetties dotted about the map.

Please do not kill the fisherman. you will have bad luck for a thousand years. thankyou.

place the ADT - Port Eden file into your myth 2 plugins folder, and make sure the ADT TAGSET is also installed.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Strangelet, strangelet@lineone.net

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Thanks to TMBM and friends, Joyeuse, Maul, Elijah, Bane, AB, Ton, Head, S.p.i.d.e.r. , True Peril, Amadeus, Wod, Sublime, Santashead and all others who helped (or think they helped but really just got in the way)

BANDS I PLAY WITH - Shouts out to Sector, stegg, Mean Mister Mustard, Aphid, TwinBarrel, LockNLoad, earthtone 9, napalm death, kilkus and all others on the kingston band scene. even justin who i f**kin hate.

OUR FRIENDLY LOCAL DEALERS - Desperates out to Dealer Dave, Dealer len, kris, mattBlair and Dealer Ivan - all who supply the need and all who reap the bud.

FOREIGNERS - Specials to Katerina YOU CRAZY FOREIGNER, leonidas, venya, krista, nikos, antonios, and all the damn greeks in the camden embassy.

RECORD COMP'NEY PEEPS - Triple shoutz to MC sonny, Billy RAM, denis and the dark city crew, mustang angie, neil, forrest and HI-lo from nomis studios. All at Triangle, EYE2EYE, BRIT and Pimlico. YesYes Y'all.

Lastly to mah KIN - DeadLock, Bionicpuppetgirl (x), Teleuteskitty, Cat, Amit, ChrisToffa, ed, seb, AlixAlix, MC sonny, Taz, Tigga, IronWill, All at the peel, all from the old school croo, monty, mirona, marco (yoghurrrrt), milan and joseph - the real life beavis and butthead, tom, james, all at Burntwood Girls School - we had you all.

Love Peace, Lock, Load, Game over and WE ARE LEAVING...

Strangelet x x x

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