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Welcome to the 3DA II Documentation.
Brought to you by Stratman and www.mythtfl.com
Maps by Anubis and Stratman

Installation of 3DA II is easy. All you have to do is put, or unzip the .gor file into your
mythtfl/tags/plugins folder, then restart Myth, and the plugin is installed. Please enjoy this plugin. Play it
fairly, and have fun while playing.


3DA2 consists of many new maps, along with the best of the first 3DA. This plugin features the futuristic 3DA 2001 which
pits players against each other in a giant flat grounded ffa map. The battle area is surrounded by pillars, and the
enviroment is dark and cold. Perfect for blowing each other up. This plugin also brags more fun water maps, and a fixed
swamp that has Body Count enabled. 3DA2 has a total of 26 maps.

3 Dorf Fun Classic:
This is the map that started it all. 3 Dorfs battle to the death on the hill of grave. Strait out of the TFL demo and
into 3DA2. Varients include a heroes version and a pathfinders version.

The Swamp:
One of the most fun maps many people have ever played. Throw at each other in water, untill a bomb goes off. Then hope
the duds don't send you flying to the other side of the map. Also takes place on grave.

An all new water map in the tradition of Swamp. Throw over an ocean of blood and drown your enemies in the red gooey liquid.
Includes Hero and Pathfinder Varients.

The first GZD 3DA map. Battle over the mote surrounded flag with your short little dorfs. Varients include Hero and
Pathfinder. An added difficulty to this map is the constant raining.

Water Look Like Boobies:
Well, it does...kinda...

Over Dead Birds??:
Battle your dorfs over a narrow high bridge. Remember not to fall off...uhmm...yes...Varients include a Hero and a
Pathfinder version.

The Temple:
From the first 3DA. One of the most played 3rd party tfl maps of all time in the short time its been around. Played
near constantly in ranked rooms.

The Hole:
Definately one of the most skillfully played maps on TFL. Playing on king of the hill, a player must dare to take low
ground in order to keep posetion of the flag, and still kill his enemies who are pummeling him from above. From the
first 3DA.

Training Grounds:
Also from the first 3da. A small map, but one that is skillfully played on many different game types. Try the flag rally.

3DA 2001:
The featured map of 3da2. This map is in a futuristic setting. It includes ALL game types. Everything is symetrically
placed in skillfull possitions. The battlefeild is completely flat and dark. A spotlight falls over the flag, as the 8
teams close in from all directions. Play this with classic duffs, heroes, pathfinders, in the rain, or in the snow. This
map promisses to be a fun one.


Anubis and Stratman for making the 3da series, Bungie for myth, tfx the first person recognized back on the demo with the
idea for a 3df map, the myth tfl demo and all its players, Mordia for last night, Shinco, lol because, All the beta testers
for the first 3da, The Bram Bros for HammerHead rythem station, Cakewalk Software, the makers of ultra Edit, Cooledit Pro,
Adobe Software, The makers of hex workshop, the inventor of the scientific calculator, Bill Gates and microsoft for
giving me something resembling and os...all this was done on a pc btw...Windows, lol, what a joke, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry
Cantrell, Slash, Jimmy Page, Lane Staley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sunset Superman, Bill Clinton, The American Wildlife
Foundation, Me, My can of Coca Cola, All the makers of Myth editing tools, Mafia, for being the Myth tennis champion,
00agent23 of the udogs for being the absolute most hated person in myth of all time even though he refuses to talk to me.
Belkin for my cool usb hub, gibson guitars, God, fender guitars, digitech guitar digital effects processing, monster prolink
cables, unix, the internet, al gore, 7-11, Jewel foods, Yuffie Kisaragi, Iomega, Sony, Myth, ghols, dorfs, and snipers,
clocks for keeping time, Bone Breaker (gookified), saint, for inventing the term "truckbeast", california, for having
thoughts about relations with his aunt, Richard Nixon, The universe, Namezero, Allen from Bungie for chatting about Pet
Ghols, The Mill...hopefully, crosswinds.net, the Romeoville Police Department, Spain, John Goodman, 3M, Hewlett Packard,
Fear and Loathing (The movie) in Las Vegas, The Television...(no thankz...).

Mesh Tags for 3DA2

3 Dorf Arena II:

3d2a = 3 Dorf Fun Classic
3d2b = 3 Dorf Fun (Hero)
3d2c = 3 Dorf Fun (Pathfinder)
3d2d = The Swamp
3d2e = Watersports
3d2f = Watersports (Hero)
3d2g = Watersports (Pathfinder)
3d2h = Pigslop
3d2i = Pigslop (Hero)
3d2j = Pigslop (Pathfinder)
3d2k = Water Look Like Boobies
3d2l = Over Dead Birds??
3d2m = Over Dead Birds?? (Pathfinder)
3d2n = Over Dead Birds?? (Hero)
3d2o = The Temple (Pathfinder)
3d2p = The Temple (Hero)
3d2q = The Temple
3d2r = The Hole (Pathfinder)
3d2s = The Hole (Hero)
3d2t = The Hole
3d2u = Training Grounds
3d2v = 3DA 2001 (Rain)
3d2w = 3DA 2001 (Snow)
3d2x = 3DA 2001 (Pathfinder)
3d2y = 3DA 2001 (Hero)
3d2z = 3DA 2001


I take no responsibility for these maps. What they cause and what people do to them have nothing to do with me. I am
simply a stratman with a hex editor.

Bungie Message Needed for the Mill follows...

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear in Loathing by:
www.mythtfl.com, stupidnet@email.com.

This wasn't really made with Fear and Loathing, but hell, we'll give them the credit they don't deserve. Anyways, I'm
thinking I got the bugs out. You guys should go check out the Pet Ghol mp3 at mythtfl.com when you get a chance, and
check out everything else...leave us some message on the board, and give us some suggestions. We're gonna be here for all
of the TFL community through 2001...and were still in it for the Demo players...Make sure you guys stop by.

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