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3 Dorf Arena v1.0 Readme
by Stratman and Anubis
www.mythtfl.com (myth.iwarp.com)

To install, put the file named 3DorfArenaB0004.gor into your .mythtfl/tags/plugins folder. Then, start
or restart myth, and your plugin is installed. It is as simple as that :).

Welcome to the 3 Dorf Arena Readme. Let me explain what this is. A long time ago, back on the
Myth: tfl demo, a player named tfx suggested that I make a map where each team gets only 3
dwarves, and a side of a hill. This was after playing that way by suiciding your meelee and
having to walk all the way to the hill. Within half an hour of that suggestion, it was out. People
everywhere on the demo were downloading 3 dorf fun. It became the most popular demo map at its
time almost instantly. Time went by, and in febuary of 2000, the demo closed. I was off of myth
for a while after that. Even though I had the full version, I had no real reason to go on. I
had never liked it. Finally, one day, I decided to go back. Most of the demo people played
there, and I began to play too. Things weren't really that bad there. A few weeks went by, and
one night, while siting in unranked, I come upon a local map game "3 Dorf Fum 2.0". I went and
downloaded my own map, then installed it, and proceeded to play it. It ends up, people have been
playing it on full ever since the demo closed. There was one problem though. Local maps are
considered illegal on bnet, since they can boot people, making them idle, and basically, you
can steal their points in ranked. Here was the solution. Get working on the project that was
at one time meant for Myth 2. This was 3 Dorf Arena. Although it isn't the same map it was
going to be for m2, it is still the same concept. Anyways, I hope all the 3 dorf leaguer's and
other players will enjoy this. There's quite a few maps, so it should be a lot of fun...


The Maps Include:
3 Dorf Fun Classic
The Arena
The Arena (Pathfinders)
Battle for the Codex
The Hole
The Hole (Hero)
The Hole (Pathfinder)
The Ruins
The Ruins (Hero)
The Temple
The Temple (Hero)
The Temple (Pathfinder)
3 Dorf Fun 3.0
3 Dorf Fun Heroes
3 Dorf Swamp
3 Dorf Training

There are also many different game types, which vary for each map. Once again, have fun :)

-Beta Testers:
I know I forgot some...can't remember, sorry

Myth Demo Players



Stratman :)

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